Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Seems at the moment, all I'm getting the opportunity to regularly look each week is Aussie GRAZIA - which in this instance is a GREAT thing...


Following a nice little double-pager they dubbed 'RETRO TAN' (for the most obvious reasons, I LOVE...), they delightfully placed the new Lorna Jane campaign, featuring Lorna Jane Clarkson herself.

Reasons pertaining to such excitement attached to this fact?

BRONZ'D tanning+nails did tan and nails for this particular campaign. And even if I do say so myself, Lorna looks so naturally, beautifully bronzed (mani isnt' bad either....).

Good one on ya, GRAZIA!!

Images via Australian GRAZIA

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


it's been a long time/i shouldn't have left you/without a strong rhyme to step to

Or a post....

Yes - i've been absent.

But here's what it is this week.

Georges Antoni and Mark Vassallo (also here) are at it again in this week Australian GRAZIA magazine, with their shoot entitled 'Fan Club', subtitled 'it's a bohemian rhapsody'.

Mark's styling is beyond and Georges images are always pristine and manage to straddle commercialism and creativity in the freshest way. I'm also loving how happy and lively Laura Gorun looks here.

I've had the absolute priviledge to have been involved in some of Georges and Mark's work in previous years, but unfortunately not this shoot. ....On that subject, what's up with manicurists routinely not getting credits in top fashion mags for work that has quickly become as prominent as the model, garments, styling, hair and photography??

On to the nails.... I thought this colour was going to be alot bigger last winter - I almost rode it till the wheels fell off - but it seems it's a slow burner, ready for another cycle this coming A/W. As for length and shape, Rihanna has been putting it all on heavy rotation lately, which probably means it's almost ready to break into mass consumption.

I'm not complaining. It's a wrap. 

Images via GRAZIA magazine