Friday, July 23, 2010


I racked (ahhh, 90's lingo...) this image off my BFF(..and eva, and eva)'s blog for 2 reasons....

Jess Hart is very, very, very pretty  - and the main reason is.... I'm actually feeling the polish on the boy's toes! (...BFF will also attest to my periodical herbal taste in men...)

Back to the men-icures... WHY should Cristiano Ronaldo get all the shine??....

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I'm a bit late with this one, but because it's Sophy Robson, I can't pass.

She's got her mitts in everything right now - and I'm all for it.

Mid-June, ALL FOR EVE launched Soph's own offering for the cause - a beautiful red nail varnish.

Sounds like a great organisation/cause and a successful collaboration, as I, for one, am now aware because of Sophy's involvement.


All the best for All For Eve.

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BleachBlack have taken it to the limit - again.

This article states a few times that the video is NSFW (that was almost a month ago), but blackbookmag and Vimeo didn't disclose this at all - sooo...proceed at your own risk.

If you're a regular, you may remember my post when this polish first came out. It got itself its fair share of publicity due to the name - Jizz (yep, you heard right).

Now the girls at BleachBlack have gotten together with their creative mates to come up with a commercial for the polish. Call  me sheltered, but is this a first? An actual commercial for nail polish (besides the big guns at Revlon and Chanel...)??

Top points for keeping the theme coherent ( *_* ) - although I have to admit, I am kinda (well, extremely...) disturbed that the young (YOUNG!!!) 'lady' in the video looks to be on the wrong side of the age of consent. Do, however, love the body jewellery.

The concern with these boundary-pushing 'creative' endeavours, is that many less-creative, equally-opportunistic types run with the momentum to cash in on the trend and then the shocking becomes the standard.  

Anyhoo.... Controversy once more! Sell more stuff! Become more famous! 

Clap, clap for the handi.... you know the rest. 

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Deliberately villainous this time (check last post...), M.A.C. have gone Disney with their latest collection.

Could this varnish be a cousin to Chanel's Paradoxal?

Cute collection.

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M.A.C. cosmetics, usually known for their conscientious backing of social issues has stepped in it this time around.

A collaboration with fashion heavies, Rodarte - inspired by Mexico - has become extremely controversial because of 2 nail polish names in particular. The first one named for the town, 'Juarez' and the follow up is 'Factory'.

Juarez is an impoverished town that has become infamous for it's extreme violence (kidnappings, rapes, murders) against poor women that work in it's factories. This issue has attracted even more attention because of the lack of interest or action by officials against the perpetrators of these crimes.

Many Americans aware of this issue are crying foul against M.A.C. and are asking they make some restitution regarding their insensitivity to this situation.

M.A.C. have responded swiftly in making the following apology - “MAC will give a portion of the proceeds from the MAC Rodarte collection to help those in need in Juarez. We are diligently investigating the best way to do this. Please be assured that we will keep you posted on the details regarding our efforts.”

Given the background regarding Juarez, I'm looking at the eyeshadow above in a whole new light... (eek!). Those Rodarte girls are dark. Sheesh.  

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My idol and super heavy-weight champ of the nail world, Sophy Robson has done it again.

Check these new designer (literally) nails she's put her hand to (heh, heh, heh...) 

And as the tag line that separates the top 2 rows from the bottom 2 says...


I cannot agree more. (I could expand to the breadth of the Universe on this point, but I'm gonna leave it right there...).

I think I'm feelin the Givenchy and the Hermes.

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She can do no wrong. 

Gettin it in for the Northern hemisphere summer, no doubt, she's at the Mulberry Pool Party.  

I loooove a stark white polish and these go that one step better. Super cute.

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Listen to me - yellow and orange are going to be ENORMOUS for Spring/Summer (southern hemisphere).

I'm already obsessed with any shade of yellow - it's helping my subtropical-acclimatized mentality cope with this RIDICULOUS cold weather (YES, you Southerns - I can hear you cackling like hyenas...)

Annalynne McCord is knocking it out with the mustard.

The chicas over at seem to think otherwise, putting this in their 'trend or tragic' category. You're definitely gonna be backpedaling on this one, girls...

Trend, fo sho. 

ps... hands+feet is never too much when done correctly.

Here's what I'm sayin...

CND 'bicycle'

I am also stannin for O.P.I.'s 'the "IT" colour' (see? they know..). It's definitely a mustard, closer to what A.L. is wearing above.

Do the diligence.

You have been informed.

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I'm back.

This is how many hands I wish I had....

(I do endeavour to be a little bit neater than my mates here, though...)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Me and my little operation have gotten 2 big shout-outs (plus a Minx Nails mention) this month in the August issue of Australian Cosmopolitan, by none other than the amazing and supremely talented, Juli Grbac.

She got the big (full) page number one in the Brisbane section of Cosmo's Little Black Book (..."where celebs and stylists got to shop, eat, drink, meet men and get the best spray tans in Australia" - no isht... they said so!).

So if you're in Oz, go scoop up an issue with white-hot Scarlett on the cover.