Sunday, November 18, 2012


What's going to set your nail polish range apart from every other broad and her poodle??

First of all you need to be a creative genius like Jane Schub.

Her cosmetic anomalies brand, strangebeautiful is constantly turning the ordinary on it's head (click on the link - best website i've seen in a while...). Her inspiration for new concept products is always fresh to death. 

Here we go this time with a capsule collection (get it??) called Dose Polishes. Tiny polish pigments for the die-hard beauty junkies that come in 'doses' of 3 pigments per package (6 packages in total), so you can get triple-y hooked on the ill-ness (so puntastic). 

Jane Schub has done it again. 

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The beautiful Salma Hayek has expanded her skin care/cosmetic range, Nuance to include nail polishes this month. 

Here's a look at one of the first bottles. 

With 30 colours in the full range, it boasts some interesting ingredients to keep your nails healthy - especially the base and top coats. Maybe these are the subtle differences the name refers to, to set her products apart from the pack. 

Available exclusively from CVS in the States.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Precision execution can take the average to the absolutely exceptional. There's nail art and then there's.... well, there's the professionals at esNAIL. 

These are beautiful. 



New York Fashion Week was a few months ago, but I've just now perused all that was on offer in the accompanying world of nail styling.

This was my favourite of all the showings. CND turned out these deceptively simple beauties for Rachel Anotnoff. 
Looks like white varnish on a short manicured natural nail with a clear tip adhered over the manicure. Rachel then had the CND team write the names of her closest loved ones on each individual nail. 

Extremely cute. 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!! 

Go, the Nervo twins for CoverGirl U.S.A.!

The fashionable musical duo have cracked a beauty (literally!) by signing on as CoverGirl's latest ambassadors, specifically for the Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss products. 

We love a good Aussie invasion, Stateside. (Shoutouts to Grbac getting it in!!) 

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Taking a cue from enterprising businesses like and, who rent out the latest luxury fashion/beauty must-haves, has come in on the nail varnish frontier. 

Sounds kind of genius to me, but not too sure what Australia Post would make of it all, Down Under. 

Refinery29 (always) has the full story. Get over there or go straight to Lacquerous and see what all the glam fuss is about. 

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My husband would almost (almost...) want me to wear these, if only that it would literally make it impossible for me to do anything while my nails are drying - which, I think, is the exact opposite of what they are 'designed' for. 

I'll leave it to your judgement to arrive at a conclusion for this one.... 

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Even men's fashion is giving inspiration to the unstoppable avant-garde nail movement happening right now. 

This is the more sophisticated and groomed version of the real feather manicure featured here some months ago (probably 6, for the cross-referencing types...) 

Go here for the complete tutorial, and check out for every other conceivable nail polish art you can - and cannot - imagine. 

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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Have you ever..... 

Behold the world's smallest dog. Size officially being compared to a nail polish bottle (which constitutes it's relevance here). 

For my sister. 

I dare her not to lose her sh*#!...

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In the spirit of every dance battle reality talent tv show (and possibly the Melbourne Cup this week?? so weird...) OPI have produced a new commercial that is oddly captivating if (absolutely) nothing else. 

Did someone in their creative marketing department eat too much cheese before bedtime?? 

Regardless of the how bizarre this story is, the execution and quality of talent of all involved is actually flawless. 

The part that took my breath away is after all the horsing around, when OPI signs off by showing you almost every colour conceived in the known universe that they have at one time or another put in a 15ml bottle. 

I knew they'd done alot of colours, but my gosh... 

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Be still, my fluttering-like-a-butterfly heart!

It's HERE. (well, January...)

Mariah Carey for O.P.I.

Can you WAIT?!?!

All the glittery goodness your celebrity-'inspired' varnish heart can stand now has an official name - 'liquid sand'.

Of all the miracles in all the heavens... 


The 'poor (tacky) cousin' attitude high fashion had toward nails that dared to go beyond a lick of nude or red polish has been crushed for some time now. 

Anything from just a swish to full-out embellishment - it's all golden, baby.

Pair with any or all of your requisite hardware.

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Refreshed and ready for the best part of the Southern Hemisphere's year - S.U.M.M.E.R!!

Drink in this inspiration. 

Get thee to a spray tan professional immediately! (...and then get outdoors)