Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm thinking there's another direction U.S. Congress could go with their current pre-occupation (that I am behind wholeheartedly...) toward deterring people from U.V. exposure via sunbeds....

Instead of hitting 'em on their hip pocket with the 'tanning' tax, Congress could do how they do with the consumption of tobacco, and wage full assault on the general (tanning) public's visual senses of what could very well be their fate, should they continue such irresponsible tanning practises.

Take it away, visual aid, Donatella Versace!

Imagine walking into your local 'Tropical Burn' (or whatever...) salon and being confronted with a life-sized D.V. eye-balling you - equal parts heckling, daring, seducing (even! hehehe...) you onto the tanning bed....*Shudder+Cold Sweat*.
You cannot convince me that a spraytan looks worse than this.

More in this particular series of truly disturbing health warnings over at -


Givin it to you as it comes down the runway (or there-abouts...).

Chanel goes Minx-ie (and shorter, with a nice soft curve) with silver foil wraps to match the fingerless gloves.

Christian Dior is Parisian, mid-length, crimson, almond shaped with the (1920-30's style) lunulas exposed.

Jean Paul Gaultier has the squared off, icy blue talons.
More amazing images of this collection over at

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YSL has now just given us their offering of this Spring's inspired lilac.
Nice to see the northern hemisphere trickling in slowly on this one...

This one is called 'rose cocktail' and it retails (in the U.S.) for $17 ( you can bet that will be in the $30-$40 price bracket here).
As you may recall in much earlier posts, I was having a tantie over Creative Nail Design's deleted 'GRAPEADE' and have been keeping an eye on all incoming versions of this hue (although, I did kill it at the time, so am kinda over it now...).
KIT cosmetics had a go with 'DELUXE KISS', MAC gave us 'COOL RESERVE', Bernhard Willhelm joined forces with USLC airlines ( and came up with 'MAU' and American Apparel had the good sense to add one in their recent brand-new product line of polishes. It's simply called 'PURPLE'.
Get you some.

Bernhard Willhelm X uslu airlines polishes -

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have a new idol and mentor (from an extreme distance...). Sophy Robson.
The nails from this campaign are just a smidge of what she's done.
Seriously, this was my favourite image of the YEAR when it came out... (had no idea who had done the nails at that point.. )
Hit the link to check out her site.

DOPE website. Amazing work. I aspire.



If you scroll down slightly, you'll see my rampage on Katy Price this week....

Just wanted to add to that. This article is from Tasmania.

Tasmania, Katy! Where the climate could easily rival the UK, and perhaps the need to feel like you might wanna get warm and toasty... and tanned.
Like I said in the previous post, Katy Price is exercising her free will - good for her.
These are just some more of the facts.

image courtesty of


Had to post this because the concept and image is so beautiful (plus, the McQueen minaudiere is bananas....*sigh*)

These gorgeous ones were done by Elle, celebrity manicurist, who has worked with just about every celebrity, top-tier photographer and magazine worth it's glossy pages you can think of.

Big respect to All Lacquered for the lead. If you love polish and you want a comprehensive breakdown of just about every brand and colour, style and trend on the planet, they've got you. (There's also a tutorial on there to recreate these lacy lovelies...)

Friday, January 22, 2010


The nudist movement is gaining serious ground (almost critical mass) with many, many references to 'mannequin' hands (UPDATE - Feb 2010 - this term and look came from Soph Robson who did the nails at LV - official) popping up over the last weeks.
Reports from Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 runway (top image) mentioned MH's in stark contrast to the cr-aaziness sweeping the rest of the collections (in regard to nail design), and just about everyone had a go at the Golden Globe awards last week,

here... (about 1/4 way down the page)

and here...
And let's not forget, Vanessa Cruz, nudin' it right out there (2nd image) for L'Official Magazine - (also, it looks like, leading the charge with the backlash against spraytanning....sheesh (as divine as she is - no hate...)).
This is, by no means, the first nude-inspired photoshoot - they've been everywhere for a looong minute now, but it certainly is a nice one.
Cop the rest of it here...
P.s. ...maybe some of you can help settle an arguement for me? Have a little look there at Ms Cruz - cameltoe or a seam? Perspective/opinion could tend to be gender-biased....
Back on track!....I've been loving this part of the 90's revisited since probably late '08 and have been trying to push the nude since then. It's been real slow to gain ground, but I think it's safe to assume that all the kids have gotten the update.
Not only is it beautiful, but just about everyone can find a shade they can easily wear (as evident at the G.G.'s..).
Yay, nude!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The goddesses that defy musical genre classification, Rihanna and M.I.A, tone it down slightly (in the nail department) and still keep it so fresh and stylistic.

Love. (I need that fringe bracelet/armband in my life.)

Check the beautiful http://www.thehouseofprettycom/ for more goood stuff.

images courtesy of thehouseofpretty


If ya don't know, now ya know.... It's officially official!

My girl, Ciara (others may hate, but I can't...) has brought it back for L'Officiel Magazine (see?? even they know - official!) with the 90's heat at the tips of her fingers.

I think I still have photographic evidence of rockin (the stuffing!) out of this look the first time around - although, I think I may have held on to this burgandy madness just a smidge too long, because as dope as this is on Ci, I'm having a disturbing flashback right about now.
...I'm pretty sure it was Revlon that did the matching lipstick (...this is possibly where I started pushing the look downhill ....)

Get it while it's hot. Next week, it gon be somethin else....


Cult nail trendsters, Minx have just released another 10 foils in a range called 'Teaser'.

Amongst the 10, are choices like 'tease me black and blue', 'tease me red and gold' and 'tease me red and blue' - the concept being, as the light catches the different angles of the nail, it's almost impossible to decipher just which colour you're looking at.
My personal fav is the sky blue and green plaid. Pretty.

Get into their whole thing at


Apparently, I've been living under a rock.

In the same week my friend casually mentioned flesh-eating fish and their association to a particular beauty treatment, another friend showed me photos of her recent vacation to an Asian destination where she and her partner signed up for one of these treatments... and then I read this article....

Ummm, this concept literally makes me wanna vomit. Finally, my sister (famous (amongst our family, anyway..) fish lover and activist - I, the famous sushi-lover...) could be on the same page with this subject.

I can change lightbulbs AND tyres. I can put together large pieces of IKEA furniture unassisted. I can pull out splinters. I can EVEN do catch+releases of GIANT (jumping... oh, yes!) tree spiders (Huntsmen, for all my Aussies...), but even the pretty petals and tea-set cannot distract me from the nausea and lightheadedness setting in as I imagine this 'sensation'. I'm squealing neurotically (like a GIRL...oh, wait - I am a girl....) inside!!
I can't get with this. Just too weird.


Okay - this blog is about nail polish and spraytanning. Pretty trivial things, as far as life goes. And even though both are my livelihood, I try to keep a sense of humour and perspective about the importance of just where these things should sit in the big scheme of things.
....And so far as spraytanning goes, it's just soo much fun dishing it out to our hapless famous lovelies that, despite all the privilege, insider knowledge, money and connections can never seem to quite get it right. But let me tell you, the unrelenting and lop-sided criticism and focus (my own involvement included) on the dodgy side of fake tanning does tend to wreck havoc on the reputation of spraytanning, and therefore my business.
Which brings me to this week, when I was literally stunned by two complete extremes in the area of media/celebrity influence on the subject of tanning, and by association, the very, very real and responsible option of spraytanning.

In Australia (as I lightheartedly touched on in a much earlier post), we are absolutely bombarded and pummelled with all the facts, defense strategies and shock-tactic media from a delicate age about the seriousness, dangers and (distressingly common) fatality of UV exposure and skin cancers. In all of this information, I've never been so affected as I was last night.

When I saw the latest national SunSmart commercial on free-to-air television last night, I could not ignore the urge to post about it - especially in light of part of an interview I also read this week with Katy Price in which she expressed that she was fed up with fake tan and her solution to this problem was not to fade to pale (unlike this Sydney journalist... ), but to start going back to sunbeds.

It really is NO fun being at the end of the finger-pointing and cackling about a spraytan mishap and Katy Price is absolutely allowed to do whatever she likes with her own body and skin cells. My point is not to demonise her. But, I wonder if she seriously comprehends that because of her position in our celebrity/fame/media obsessed world (although, yes... many people do giggle at her - but, however idiotically misguided...) there are also young people being influenced by her stance on these things and will copying accordingly.

I understand 'sunsmart' education could almost be non-existent outside of Australia, but it's frightening to read that Price seems to think you can hedge your bets with cancer and believes because she doesn't smoke, she is in some kind of credit when it comes to developing the deadly disease, so she can afford the UV exposure (ummmm, last I checked lungs and skin are two completely different organs... anyway!).
Even in the U.S., where 'melonoma' is still a truely exotic, enigmatic term, they are beginning to seriously grasp the horror of skin cancer, with Congress mightily trying to push a new tax law through that targets tanning salons, inparticular sun-bed users.
Links to the full Katy Price articles...

This one of the more comprehensive Australian sites about the dangers of UV exposure and they are also the orchestrators of this latest ad campaign.

ANYONE that thinks it's okay to expose their skin to the sun or sunbeds, needs to watch this commercial first. It is realistically terrifying.

I will now get off my soapbox and back into my spraybooth.... (tandoori-spice rub 'n all...)
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Few months old, but I feel the need to post these images of maverick trends from the runways - just to get 'em on here...
Top look was from the Dsquared S/S '09/'10 show - the ironic stark french talons to match up with their cheeky-chic trucker-chick styling was cute and funny. To be left on the runway, though (don't argue...).
Next one was from Thakoon's latest autumn showing, tying together the most current slick 'parisian' manicure (in which the lunula section of the nail bed conspicuously stands out from the rest of the paint job) with some modern, crisp, clean, monochromatic stencil-like design rounding out the rest of the nail.
Nice balance.
Definitely recreatable.
Completely wearable.
Third look was from a little way back at Prada's S/S 2010 offering - taking it right out there with clear tips on feet as well as hands.
I like this alot. I've used clear tips for a million years, because I always did (DID!!) permanent french with white acrylic (as opposed to white tips, ala Dsquared) - not that you'd get one day out of these little cherubs without something over them (gel, acrylic), and even with the added strength of some kind of coating, they have the nasty tendancy to split when they cop any kind of impact. These too, are just for the runway. Cool, though.
Predictably, I'm loving how much attention nails are getting at this time. There are some seriously talented artists finally getting the shine they deserve on a global, mainstream level.
Read on for more indepth analysis of many other designers' choices for nails to complete their directional visions...
Thakoon nails image courtesy of


Alright..... I've been away for a long minute, and let me tell you, it has hurt a little. I've been sad. I know there's been much (much) activity in the worlds of pretty and I've had to let it all roll on without me...

BUT! It's good. I'm good. I'M BACK! :)

And so we can ALL feel good about that, I've got some tasty treats - starting with some special homemade morsels. Fav bit? Gene Simmons's slimy flesh-on-flesh action.... Genius.
Thank me later.
For all my rock 'n roll bitches...

Thursday, January 7, 2010


O.P.I. is right on board for the extravaganza that is about to be, Disney's (Tim Burton-directed) 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' - poised and ready to release 4 limited-edition polishes (each with requisite (and befittingly kooky) play-on-words names, that those of us familiar with the O.P.I. brand have come to expect).

They've decided to go with 2 reds out of the 4 colours - 'Off With Her Red' (hot red) and 'Thanks So Muchness!' (shimmer red). 'Absolutely Alice' is an electric blue glitter and 'Mad as a Hatter' is a confetti-like multi-coloured glitter.

The release date for these lovelies is January 2010, and O.P.I. is stocked nationally (in Australia) at David Jones.

Check out some related articles to get the full, luscious detailing of these great colours.


The grind didn't stop over the Christmas break for the paps, with them catchin our girl 'working on her tan'.....

You may remember in a previous post, Lundzay was showin' out on the red carpet with her special white-cotton-socks tan style, and here we have the knee-high-boot extravaganza - which leads me to believe the only thing she's working on with her tan is removing it incrementally by way of completely inappropriate footwear immediately after her spray appointment.

You'd think she might have the hang of the post-spray developing ritual by now....

Clearly not.

image courtesy of


Apparently, this trend has been around for a minute, and like my girl over at urbancurlz observed, you ain't gonna have to choose between the rent or these babies - almost anyone (fierce enough) can afford to get nailed, Louboutin-style.

I'm LOVING it - but speaking strictly from a techie's perspective... the thought of the 47 cotton swabs and 2 litres of polish remover to get the black and red off clean is leaving me cold. Think there'd be a d.i.y. removal clause in that varnish contract...