Tuesday, June 29, 2010


....I thought I might use a flattering image of Lundz today, seeing as the poor mongrel still can't seem to catch a break these days...

Lundzay's been setting off her SCRAM bracelet (that monitors her body's alcohol intake) with her Sevin Nyne spraytans.

Seems while I was the only one who thought deliberately promoting Chardonnay extract (for pete's sake...) in a tanning product that Lindsay Lohan was the face of was the most mentally retarded concept at the time, it's now coming back to haunt our mate and her camp in ways none of them could have anticipated.

When I first read the press release for this product, I truly thought it was a practical joke - for ANY of the following completely obvious reasons.

Number one - Alcohol is used as an astringent in beauty products. I.E. to REMOVE moisture from the skin, NOT restore it. (seriously?? ..I'm speechless right now...)

Number two - In the 10 years, I've been spraytanning (and studying solution ingredients), I've never heard of Chardonnay extract being employed in any solution for ANY function, LEAST of all for it's 'hydrating properties' (please, refer to point number one).

Number THREE - Lindsay Lohan is the face of this product and SHE'S A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC.

Do her business partners like her at all?

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Image courtesy of community.livejournal.com

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 FOR 1

Spraytanning is one of the most ridiculed beauty treatments you could pay good money for. And rightly so.
There are thousands of tanning solutions available and almost all of them are rotten. (yes, they are). Tanning customers walk a minefield of stank and impending Tandoor-spice appearance in the name of temporarily abolishing epidermal fluorescence.

Taking all of this into account, should you be one of these aficionados (...addict is such a strong word...) it is imperative to have a sense of humour about yourself, and the fact that you voluntarily choose to undertake (mostly on a weekly basis) such a clearly absurd (but necessary) exercise.

So hoorah to Fake Bake, who have finally taken a cleverer advertising/promo path with their product (which is supreme, btw...), than the usual languid-skank-in-a-bikini route.  

This is something I would hang with pride and a smirk in my salon, and it is SO much more representative of their superior product than this mess they've gone with in the past.

Well done.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The illustrious Illamasqua held a comp, open to the global public to submit ideas for a brand new nail polish.

Well, they couldn't pick one - so they picked 3 (my submission must have come in at no. 4...).

Results are as follows, respectively... 

'Shrapnel', 'Raindrops' and 'Eclipse'. 

Incredible, as usual.

Congratulations to the top 3!  



This is YSL and their Fall 2010 collection called 'Rock and Baroque'.

I've made my feelings about French polish felt in many, many posts - but, this I can get close to.

The length and shape is fresh and the colourways are d.o.p.e. (minus those little pink and white ones...)

Very nice.

Very, very nice.




You really wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of this lady....

This is a nail creation by a Japanese tech (a dude!)  

Well done!

GO HERE....  thegoldpineapple


Have been waiting for WEEKS to hear word on the name of the milky-blue that has been seen EVERYWHERE associated with Chanel, so this was not quite what I was expecting....

Please meet 'Paradoxal'.

And, if that is the same colour on the model in the top pic, the paradox is....it magically changes from shimmery deep grape to dark creme-y grey! (don't quote me...)


Paradoxically (boom, boom) - I (ACTUALLY!) like the look of it in the bottle.
(I know, don't faint... with all the trash I normally talk with these big unveilings....)  

Back to the pretty blue... my delayed-reaction curiousity got the better of me and I had an absolute BRAINWAVE to get over to Chanel (...i seriously need an intellect transplant somedays...) and perused the varnish colour collection on offer and I'm gonna take a stab at 'Azure' being the magic potion.

What's the consensus? 

I say, HOORAH! 2 Chanel colours I can (finally) get with.  


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Don't front. There are just as many females goin' nuts over the World Cup as the dudes.

Show love for your nation, ladies!

Top 2 pics - customized nails by monsters, WAH nails in London and rounding things out are my buds, Minx Nails (...obviously). 

full article

Images courtesy of trendhunter.com and switchfunky.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Please check Sasha Pivovarova for Italian Vogue
May 2010.

...then check the nails.

then get over to thehouseofpretty for the rest of the shoot.


I can't seem to get away from Sephora or O.P.I. at the moment...

Christina Aguilera and Cher are starring in a new movie,'Burlesque'. And so, in true movie-collab form, then comes the nail polish range from O.P.I.

Well done.

I'm seriously feeling these glitter ones right now ('Mad as a Hatter' from the 'Alice in Wonderland' collection, anyone???)  -  even though, they're a m.f. to get off (they LAUGH in the face of remover...). 

No matter - I will be dedicated.


Nails - here's where it's at right now (don't fight it).

There is truly something for everyone...

Peep this last one that starts out as a nude and then changes lanes to a beautiful red at halftime....

Take your pick. They are all extremely dope.

All images courtesy of thehouseofpretty 


You may remember from a previous post here a while back, that this application has been a very cool toy for a minute now, accessed directly from the O.P.I. website.

And then they came with the modified version for iPhone. here :)

And THEN it would only make sense that they would extend this virtual nail bar out to its 'Sephora by O.P.I.' range. 

If us Aussies had access to Sephora, I'd encourage. (We can still have a go at this one... O.P.I )

Never the less - everyone else... GO NUTS! sephora

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

D.I.Y.?? G.T.F.O!

There's a reason all y'all who didn't pay in blood, sweat and tears (wish I was kidding...) at beauty school (and then beyond, as a qualified professional (...but that's another story...)) lovingly open your purses to those of us that did.


Trust ME - if I could find someone that could do what I do (as well as I do it) - I would pay THEM!!

So, my U.S. ladies, stop bitching about how much Minx manicures cost, because guess what this lovely girl who trialed the new CHIC PRINTS product from Sephora for O.P.I. has discovered... minx-for-sephora-manicure-sucks  (...her words, not mine).

Show love to your local beauty professional. We know what we're doing because we worked hard to learn and perfect it and, on top of all that, we like doing it for you. 

ps... the very chic prints that were applied in that image above were DONE BY A PROFESSIONAL.

That is all.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Scented nail polishes (beyond acetone, even...).

Wow, go Revlon.

Taking this whole gimmicky nail polish thing to a whole new level (2nd year running, apparently), not to mention encouraging, even advocating huffing toxic chemicals... (ummmm)

But hey - gettin' dough by any means, I guess.

I gotta admit, I think I need to look into this. I'm assuming each varnish gives off the accompanying scent ONCE the polish has dried.
Even though I scorn gimmicks, I do think I have to see if this lives up to the hype, because some of the scents include 'peach smoothie', 'gum drop' and 'cotton candy'.

Yeah, I need at least one bottle of this.
(...and in a dream world, the quality of the actual polishes would be worth the dollars too).

Read the full (actually funny) article over here :)

Image courtesy of http://www.stylelist.com/

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i LOVE this (...the tan, the model AND the double denim...)

This deliberate little tanning/garment/accesories optical illusion has been poppin off for a minute now, with Tom Ford doing a similar thing in his S/S '10 campaign about 5 months back.. here :)

This pic is of our very own Catherine McNeil for French Vogue (June/July 2010)

Big (BIG!!) love to compilationofcool.com 


I'm still to catch this little flick (don't know if you've heard of it or not....), but i'm told that Minx Nails was the 5th star in the line-up, with Carrie having a luurve affair with Silver Lightening and Samantha changing hers up more frequently than her boytoys.

Ah, Sex and The City 2... Just another lovely FAT name to add to the loooong list of super-duper stars that love to love this stuff. 

Hoorah for Minx!!


Another image, and yet, still no name.


Come on!!

More pics here... myfashionjuice.com