Monday, January 17, 2011


Surely Benn Jae could've allocated some money in the budget for re-touching to take some of the warmth out of these images.



Due out March 2011 in the States - we should see them soon after.

White shimmer - 'frayed-to-order'
Dark Blue/Black - 'biker blue' has the rest of the collection.


An extremely low-res image of the to-be-released designs from superstar manicurist, Marian Newman for Minx Nails.

Super top secret - which is why quality pics are proving difficult to find.

Go here for more info (and clearer image) -


Sally Hansen's at-home 'version' of Minx Nails - 'Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips'

Not sure if/when they will be available in Australia (if you are interested...)


I'm being bombarded by 'news' of OPI for Sephora releasing a 'Glee' inspired range (yawn...)

Let me instead post this delightful image of Iris Strubegger for NARS cosmetics latest campaign with a very inspiring tone of epidermis.

Much better.

Image via


Not quite sure what has everyone's feathers ruffled about this ad campaign - if you've ever been on the American Apparel website, the whole thing has always looked a little home-shot, soft-porn-ish.

But, complacency and acceptance doesn't grab much attention, so here's some more limelight to add to their cause (...selling undies and nail polish - 2 things I personally can't live without...)

Check out the rest of the campaign analysis....  (Images via there also)


'obey me'

'spirit of truth'

It leaked a while back, MAC were bringing out a Wonder Woman inspired range.

Here it is.

Due for release in the States, February 10, we shouldn't be too far behind in Oz.

 Images (and the rest of the range) via



Fits in nicely with 'Paradoxal'.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is the only acceptable way large bodies of water should look.....
Whilst currently residing in flood-ravaged South-East Queensland, the sight of blue water as opposed to brown sludge makes me want to break out in song. 
This right here is the type of summer we Queenslanders are accustumed to - not the b.s. we've been shortchanged with this year.
Moving right along...
I rediscovered this shoot just the other day when I finally got to the bottom of an obscene pile of mags relegated for loving new homes (sans few pages here and there....)

Styling by Mark Vassallo and photography by Kane Skennar.

Whenever I am completely transfixed by a shoot in an Australian fashion mag, it has always been styled by the outlandishly brilliant Vassallo, and Skennar is constantly pushing things just beyond the limit, making his images jump up off the pages (yes - she IS walking out of the surf in heels....).
Individually, these two are so prolific and revered, but something even more amazing happens when they work together.
With all these elements coming together in one stupendous shoot, I had no choice but to revisit and post up. (also, this is post #200....)

Fresh to death.

(Nails/manicure - uncredited)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Jason Wu and Creative Nail Design collabo'd for this fresh collection.

Extremely lady and accessible - not unlike his lovely fabric creations - these polishes are certain to sell out quicker than Justin Beiber for 'Nicole' (if the balance of the Universe checks out...).

Couldn't hurt having the First Lady rep your talent.... (take that, take that, Justin Beiber).

Big up to blackbookmag for the images and article.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of my clients last week kindly, and matter-of-factly, informed me that French is back (clearly she has never read this blog...archive post OCT 2009archive post MARCH 2010 ).

And while this resurgence in nail trends could send me into early retirement, I'm loathe to concede she is correct in her current observations.

Whilst I routinely talk smack about French nails - who am I to go up against the likes of Soph Robson for Louis Vuitton and the styling direction of Christina Centenera for Harper's Bazaar (above) ??

...Normally, I would just post images showcasing nails or tanning, but this shoot is so monsterously dope, I had to include the whole thing (...however, no credit included for manicurist - dammit).

Saturday, January 8, 2011


When Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld get together this is gonna happen. (Paris VOGUE, December 2010).

This is a hilarious dig at what can (and does!!) happen when the superficial worlds of fashion, beauty and consumption are taken to their most obscene and grotesque limits.

Do we need to get copies to the Minogues, Lohans and Kardashians??... yeah, I said it.

Manucure - Megumi Yamamoto (respect!)



The December issue of VOGUE India was a bit of a yawn - until I came upon THIS shoot.


From the concept, to the clothes, to the styling, to the location, to the grooming (nail work is RIDICULOUS...), to the model...

Could have been full marks for flawless execution on all fronts - except there is no credit for the nail technician (FOUL!). Unforgivable, considering how incorporated they are in the overall look of this story.


A slight on an otherwise stellar effort.


This styling extravaganza ('DECK THE HALLS') appeared in Australian Grazia (December 13).

Let's not pretend that we all don't know tanning and nails have AS MUCH to do with getting your look straight as jewelry and the actual outfit. 

Give respect!

Bronzing by Natasha Severino using St Tropez body products.
Nails by Miss Frou Frou using Miss Frou Frou products.