Friday, March 12, 2010


New French by Sophy Robson for Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 - Paris Fashion Week.

I really believed all my prayers had been answered when permanent french acrylic went off the radar years ago - but like all trends we were (SO!) fond to bid farewell once upon a time (boot-leg jeans, clogs, anyone??..) - it seems it's making it's way back.

I can (sort of) get with this - because a) it's not reminding me of females named 'Cinnamon' or 'Lucious'... b) length, shape and crazy smile line all lend to this and make it refreshed and therefore, interesting... AND c) it's virtually impossible for Natasha Poly and/or Sophy Robson to make anything look anything other than 100% official.

It gets a pass (until I get asked for it...)

Many other fascinating pics at

Image courtesy of Sophy Robson's twitter feed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010





Where do people find the time??


Thanks, niko for the tip-off (haw,haw,haw....)

Image (and funny commentary - because i'm TRULY speechless right now...) courtesy of


Vivienne Westwood Gold Label A/W 10

Roland Mouret A/W 10

Giles S/S 10

I HEART Sophy Robson.
She is the undisputed heavyweight champ of the nail world right now.

I stan for her on Twitter (and elsewhere...) and she is EVERYWHERE all at once.

She's been doin up Paris Fashion Week, after taking 30 seconds to catch her breath from London Fashion Week.

Peep the magical stuff she (and her dope-ass team) conjured up...
AND then GET over to her super official website to see all the other behind-the-scenes pics and goss.
All images fresh off her blog...


O.P.I.'s web toy.

O.P.I.'s app for iPhone.

While we're on the O.P.I. trail, let's go this way!
Okay - so this is one of the FRESHEST things I've seen in a minute (I'm late, I know...).
Go to . Click on the 'TRY ON THIS COLOUR' button on the top banner.
Get onto this - you can choose your skin tone and nail length and then suck through about 42 mins of your lunch break sampling everything O.P.I.'s got for ya.
No, really.
This is GREAT.

BUT WAIT - what is this?! They've ALSO developed an app for iPhone using the same premise?? (!?!?)

O.P.I. is a monster -don't ef with 'em.
...but, you know... ef with them (of course).


O.P.I. is really milkin this 3D movie association thing, coming up with a range for the latest in the SHREK franchise...

I can't front, though - there actually are some pretty colours in this collection. Great timing for the Northern Hemisphere's spring/summer season.

Not sure when they'll arrive for us - but O.P.I. is available nationally from David Jones. Keep your eyes peeled for 'em!


Taking 'embellished' ALL the way there...

Marion (marian, marianne???) Newman (Creative Nail Design) for Gareth Pugh A/W 10 does it up, big and long and jangley (because that's a word....).
Yes indeed.

Image courtesy of them too. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NOUVELLE (images)? SORT OF. VAGUE (me)? YES....

Well... that will teach me not to do my research.
Maybe the polish fumes have finally gotten to me...

OF COURSE, there's images! AS IF there'd be NO images!?
...IN FACT, there's some extremely lovely images (as you can see above). And from what I can gather they've been around for a couple of weeks now.
P.s. did Chanel jump up in the air onto the Erykahlidoscope, or is this just a spooky trending coincidence?.... Hmmm.

Limited Edition NOUVELLE VAGUE. Hmmm. Wouldn't necessarily call this blue 'electrifying' (last post) - but anyway, to each their own 'description' and 'creative' license...

From what I've seen in other images, it's a blue version of JADE - very creamy and pastel-ly. Incidentally, it's nothing like O.P.I.'s BLUE MY MIND.
And when it comes to pastels, I think I'm still a fan of the Illamasqua colour range.

Let me break down this little offering for the northern hemisphere's 2010 summer...


Get into it, May '10 - I guess...

Monday, March 1, 2010


NO IMAGE YET!!! (dammit!)

But! You can count on seeing it here as soon as there is one.

Chanel's latest varnish offering is called NOUVELLE VAGUE and is described as "an Andy Warhol-esque electrifying shade of blue" (due date - May 2010).

Get the full(ish) story here -

It will follow suit with JADE, being available globally only in extremely limited quantities.

Am already wondering if it's anything like O.P.I.'s BLUE MY MIND that I, and many of my Bronzdettes wore the stuffing out of a good 18 months ago??
O.P.I. has had a stellar track record so far of having already developed eerily similar colours, yards ahead of these last couple of (newly-iconic) Chanel varnishes.

Guess only time and patience will tell...



Alexander Wang

Cushnie Et Ochs

Tracy Reese

Nail trends from the runways at New York Fashion Week were bah-na-nas... seriously.

Everyone was confidently pushing their own direction and whatever you're into, someone was representing - from short and square to the refreshed long and almond. From slick, sheer and glossy to matte and muddy. From simply varnished to stompin-on-crushed-glass encrusted. From 1940's inspired to '90's throwback to eerie futuristic.

No colour trend (even from seasons recently gone) was off-limits either - black, red, white, nude, dark army green, taupe, ballerina pink, inky blue - even clear - varnishes showed out everywhere.

My favs were Alexander Wang, Elie Tahari, Diego Binetti (RIDICULOUS!), Jason Wu and Karen Walker.
Go forth and get into it.
All images courtesy of