Monday, August 30, 2010


This is family.    

My girl is GOING TO BE FRONT ROW at this year's NEW ZEALAND FASHION WEEK - with the winning votes from the people. (some of which would be YOU!!)

Check the blog out - MAMMATUPPY

You won't need any more prompting from me. This person is going to be instrumental in fashion reporting/forecasting in ways we haven't come up with yet. It's a no-brainer that she deserves the spot, front and centre at NZFW.

Read. Become a fan (how could you not??). Check her submission to Vote.  Then vote from your phone. Then vote from any other computer you have access to.
Then do it all again everyday until September 3rd (yes! that's very soon!!).

Be proud that you did your part in someone's quest to be great(er than she already is....).



Moving right along from the debacle of their Mexico collabo with Rodarte, MAC brought beauty heavy hitter Jin Soon Choi back in to create this gorgeous collection in honour of the Forbidden City. (These incredible salons made the top 3 of Refinery29's best nail spots in NYC).

Jin Soon always comes through with the goods for MAC, including an ill take one of my fav colours I called early in the peace last year -  witness 'cool reserve'.

Back to Forbidden City...with all the dredge and grayness of the colder months, I know the kinds of polish hues I'd be going for to keep spirits afloat... *clearing throat*

Keep your eyes peeled for MAC's next partnership with DC comics as they smash out some Wonder Woman-inspired stuff we're all gonna need (S/S 11) - . You heard it here first.
(...oh, and slightly sooner at the LA Times....)  


yes, yes, yes..

i'm late.

guess what?

(no surprises, there)

no groundbreaking stuff here. just sorting you all in the Northern Hemisphere for winter (bleak...)

...don't mind khaki vert, though. it's kinda pretty. just happened to buy one exactly the same ($3.95) before i even saw these pics...

that's where it's at.



Some of my clients tell me I should put my prices up. Maybe I should - considering I promise I won't make you look like this....

Just.. wow.


Normally pitch-perfect getting ontrend with their collections, this one seems slightly late for O.P.I. - not that I'm sure it will make any difference to how this stuff moves off the shelf.

Their diffusion range 'Nicole by O.P.I.' (Target (U.S.A.) $8) has just launched the Gossip Girl-inspired range.

8-25 year olds, go nuts.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010



...something DOPE worth blogging about!

I apologise for my absence, but to be completely honest (you can always count on me for that...) I've been BORED out of my brain with these particular subjects lately. There's only so much 'excitement' one can muster for the latest, most amazing Chanel limited edition colours (zzzzzzzz...more on that in a sec for you die-hards).  

Benetton is large on the radar with their latest campaign.

Michina Koide (NYC) has thrown down Minx Golden Lightening to work stuffing out of this whole concept.  It's a good problem.

Anyone that knows me knows I can definately get down with these and some giant doorknockers ANY day of the week. 


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You may remember from a few posts ago the controversy surrounding M.A.C.'s limited edition collection/collaboration with fashion avant-gardes, Rodarte.

I just saw  an update posted on M.A.C.'s facebook page, announcing their decision not to ship the collection.

Peep the full article here - M.A.C.+ Rodarte collabo 

Sounds like already-issued promo bits and pieces from this collabo will end up being serious makeup collector's items...  

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Bronz'd has been gettin it in with the super-official press over the last couple of months, with 2 big mentions in last month's Australian Cosmopolitan thanks to the gorgeous Juli Grbac - and this month in the September issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar.

Thank you, Amber Long, Director of the Jean Brown Group - my lovely, superbly loyal champion, friend and client. The love is returned ten-fold (, if we can just synchronise our respective diaries...) ;)