Friday, May 28, 2010


So, Sephora went ahead and released their latest catalogue and included a brand new product(yet to be actually launched - early June is the word...) that had Minx Nail technicians the (American) land over getting more heated than their Minx lamps. Then they took their heat to the online beauty forums...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Let's re-cap.


We don't have Sephora in Australia (Minx Nails just landed here a mere 6 months ago) so this product will most likely never see the light of day here, but it's been causing all kinds of drama and intrigue on the world wide web, so you know I had to get into it.

Upon posting my discovery here :) , I immediately sent the link over to the dynamic duo, Peter and Lucy Lykissas at Switchfunky - the official distributors of Minx Nails in Australia - to ask them if they'd heard about the special project. 

Peter called me straight back and things quickly started making a bit more sense.

This is what it is....

The girls from Minx Nails sat down in a design capacity with OPI to develop 'CHIC PRINTS for NAILS' to join the already extensive 'SEPHORA by OPI' range.   'CHIC PRINTS for NAILS'

Although this new product looks suspiciously like Minx Nails forms, apparently the material the designs are printed on is not the same thing at all.

'CHIC PRINTS for NAILS' is a temporary nail sticker designed specifically to last no longer than one day/night ( heard right). And, unlike a professional in-salon Minx Nails service, this product does not need the use of a heat lamp or expert prep and application ( wonder a set only lasts one night). Also, there are only 8 designs available compared to the hundreds to chose from with the professional service.

I can understand with the extremely limited amount of info available at this time, why Minx Nail professionals would be feeling cranky and nervous (and somewhat hung out to dry) about this brash new thing being available for the masses to d.i.y. - but upon hearing some more of the facts, I'm thinking this is good for everyone involved.


OPI and Sephora have incredible brand integrity, marketing power and consumer bases. Everyone (and their mama) wants Minx. 
This new product literally looks like a trial run for anyone thinking of having a Minx service, especially those who need to carefully consider spending $50-$60 on one professional nail appointment. 

I don't know that Minx or Sephora anticipated such a strong reaction from Minx technicians (I know I certainly wanted to know what this unlikely mystery product was gonna be) and it may not have been the hype they were hoping for, but by the time CHIC PRINTS launch, I'm thinking this beauty tsunami is gonna look more like storm in a hot teacup. (if only my u.s. fam were into tea...).

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Elizabeth might have her own opinions about this.... BUT!

As far as I'm concerned Soph takes the crown.

47th client for the week - and it's only Wednesday??? I feel that expression....

Head down. Keep filing. Keep grindin. Get it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I love it.

But.... what is it?

Well, It's 2 little nail polishes in some fresh lucite packaging , and it's being touted as art.

Art for your vanity, actually.

These two colours were inspired by Chartreuse (the french booze) and caribou fur (very posh...).

I wanna see the others...  

Full article at 

3 X DOPE??

There's a rumbling going on that three of my favourite beauty industry contenders are doing a collabo that - at this early stage - I just can't get my head around...

THIS is gonna be one to watch. For real.

Minx Nails and O.P.I. (?!?) and Sephora (!!??!!) are coming together to produce and (obviously) offer a new nail.... something!

Will it be nail armour? Or will it be polish?? How is this gonna work???

I just read about it here - 

This is large. Updates pending!


According to the report I ripped,  uh.. sourced this from, the name of this colour is a mystery so far.  It was spotted on the runway of Chanel's latest Cruise 2011 collection.

It is pretty, though.

All will be revealed in time - you know how Chanel play (yawn. uh... oh, sorry).

STAY TUNED!! (keep your toothpick-propped eyelids peeled...)

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Yep, these are official. Digital digits!! (haw, haw, haw....)

The series is called Atari 2600. Cute, huh? And apparently they're repping every single game.

Shoutouts to everyone that can actually remember playing on this gaming system.

I want a set of Space Invaders.

Read on at (...images courtesy of them too)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Looks like Fanta-orange is about to be large.  look here :)

John Galliano S/S '10


Daria Werbowy and Karmen Pedaru remind us why bronzing is ALWAYS better.

And HERE'S an article by UK Elle talking about how dark tanning IS BACK!! YEESS!!!

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This is the only 'french' I can get with.

Way to go taking something so hackneyed and tedious (french) and teaming it up with a seriously gimmicky and impractical trend (matte polish - if you disagree, just try not touching your makeup and/or bronzer (or anything that may mark or colour-transfer) the entire time you are wearing matte polish and then get back to me...), to come up with creating this triumph.

Bravo. For real.

Image courtesy of the June issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar - I would give the manicurist a credit except there isn't one (credit, not manicurist).

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm a few weeks late with this one, but I think it's interesting topic and definitely worth comment.

Kelly Osbourne is St Tropez's latest spokesperson and the campaign she is featured in has been causing all kinds of noise right around the globe.
I'd like to say firstly, in light of much societal contempt of the pervasive tandoori tan, that Kelly looks incredible beautiful and extremely tasteful in the tone of her spraytan in this pic (unlike the specialness about 4 posts down...) - having said that...

The words 'SELF ESTEEM' are probably not the most eloquent or perceptive choice, and it does make me uncomfortable when the message from the image computes in my mind. Probably because it seems as if St Tropez (i.e. tanning) would like to assume complete credit for Kelly's new found self-esteem fought hard and gained from diligence and consistency in her new health/life choices (which have little, if any, to do with spraytanning). She has obviously worked incredibly hard in changing her health habits and mentality to embrace an extremely commendable lifestyle. I think the people objecting to the wording in the image are making a reasonable and fair point - how irresponsible (and ludicrous) to allude to spraytanning being the be all of self esteem (if only it were that simple...)

....and yet, personally, I don't disagree with anything Kelly Osbourne has voiced about how spraytanning does makes a person feel.

Around here, we like to call it 'instant happiness' (with a wink and a smile (and a disclaimer...)). Some may think that is overstating the matter or trivializing happiness, but I counter that those people have never had a kick-ass spraytan and I defy them to admit, if they did, that they didn't feel 'browner' (ummm... isn't that the point?), 'slimmer' and 'healthier'.

It's a subversive experience and topic, this tanning malarkey. We here at Bronz'd have also had many many discussions on the very subject of how something as seemingly superficial and trivial as looking tanned can have such an intense and profound psychological effect on a person (no, I am not kidding, nor am I overstating this observation/experience).
Spraytanning cops sooo much crap - some of it justified (crappy product, dodgy technicians, clueless clients - toxic combos of all 3), some of it not.
Terrible judgement in the wording aside, it's really nice to see a spraytan product not being wailed on because of it's orange fluorescence.
Better luck with the total concept next time, guys...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Genius! Inspired!!

So pretty....

Good lookin, JB... ;) x

Wanna see much much more dope stuff outside the realms of tanning and nails, head over to my girl's site


New shades from UK boss, BUTTER.

One inparticular is a tribute to the late, (sincerely) great, Alexander McQueen.
Full details (and image courtesy of...) over at

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My name is 'Ally' and I'm a tanorexic.

Please.... just take a moment to fully peruse the complete 'concept' above.


Whilst out and about on official duty, I came across this material - supposedly to 'promote' this company and product - that is to say, to entice beauty professionals to buy their product and get us to convince our clients they ache to emulate the person's 'tone' in the image.

I have to admit I became momentarily stunned, speechless and mentally confused.

My cognitive abilities broke all the way down.

"Live the Lie".

NO SHIT. Girlfriend needs to be winding herself into some kind of serious delusion to be able to walk out of the house voluntarily looking this way.

My brain is still trying to comprehend this as something ANYONE would desire as a positive self image... And WHY a tanning company would set out to make spraytanning professionals' lives any harder in terms of credibility. WHY?!?

P.s. People in the real world DO look like this - and they are ridiculed and berated NONSTOP for doing so. MTV has made a tv show about it and the whole world has rejoiced in the sport of belittling the entire cast. (More on them shortly....)

If anyone can explain this marketing carcrash to me - get at me.

Yours truly,


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hot makeup and nail combos in this month's Vogue China.

I love them all.


New Nars summer 2010. 'VERSAILLES'

I could definately see a certain classy little queen (of her day) getting down with this in the palace.



New Essie.

Like the header says....

Incidentally, Essie have just been bought out by cosmetic monster, L'oreal. Could this mean we might finally get some decent distribution in our fair land??

All the juicy details from the finance world heavy-hitters, here

and then from the fashion folk, here


Really, tho?

This 'nail polish is recession proof' thing is getting out of hand (...ummm).

Diet Coke (UK) is bribing, offering a free Nails Inc polish to each customer that buys their weight in the delightful beverage. Each colour is named for the exciting major city it's hue invokes - beige London (hahaha), purple Paris, fuschia New York and red hot Milan.

image courtesy of

LUUUKKE, UUUSE THE FORCE.. leave this 'isht alone. Goodness gracious.

Vader, is that you???
Stormtroopers...or African tribal art??

...Wonder what my Star Wars-insane sister will make of this?


Witness the new summer colours to the American Apparel range of polishes.

Left to right - base/top coat, malibu green, l' espirit, summer peach, california trooper and butter.