prepping and caring for your spraytan...

* all hair removal should be done 24 hours before tanning appointment.
* full-body exfoliation the day before your appointment is essential. this can be done at home - wet or dry, with a loofah mitt, body brush or body scrub.
* showering just prior to your session is ideal. skin should be clean and dry, free of any moisturisers and/or body oils.
* please wear deodorant to your appointment.
* make-up and jewelry should be removed just prior to appointment.

spray appointment
* briefs or g-string are recommended to be worn for treatment.
* please bring loose, dark, comfortable clothing for after your treatment.
* open footwear (thongs, slides, sandals) are best for immediately after your treatment. closed shoes cause rubbing and perspiration.

* do not shower or get wet in any way for at least 8 hours after your treatment (unless a rapid-developing tanning solution was used). moisture will remove the solution from your skin, causing white patches.
* do not touch your developing tan until after your first shower. the solution is designed to stick to skin, so if you touch it while in this developing phase, it will mark/stain your fingertips.
* no exercise or excessive physical exertion before your first shower. anything causing perspiration is off-limits until after your first shower. stay relaxed!

after first shower
* all bronzers will rinse off with your first shower. this is normal and will not affect the intensity of your tan.
* avoid all shower gels and soaps. these products strip the tan from your skin.
* avoid any activities that will naturally exfoliate the skin - rubbing skin dry with towel (pat-dry instead), long, hot baths/showers, chlorine pools, shaving/waxing (post-tan).
* moisturising with a light body-oil/milk at least once a day will prolong the appearance of your tan and dramatically reduce patchiness.

spraytan solutions do not contain spf's. please be sunsmart when outdoors.

enjoy being bronz'd!