Tuesday, August 28, 2012


In a post entitled '10 Things We're So Over on Pinterest', wired.com lists nail polish 'pins' as one. 

Just sooo eloquently described, I could not help but laugh out loud (and agree wholeheartedly!) as I read it.

When I embarked on this blog creation, I wasn't quite sure what my direction was. As I stumbled across a veritable heap of polish blogs, I discovered this strange hand pose to supposedly showcase nails and bottle of product used. This seemed to be the de rigueur of hand/nail poses. 

While I have been able to acknowledge this, I could never bring myself to replicate and it still makes me giggle when I see picture upon picture of the oddness. 

Good one on ya, GeekMom. Well played. 

Read for yourself.  

Image via wired.com


Well, I guess someone had to do it...

Essie has released a 6-shade collection for this Northern Fall called 'Yogaga'. 

All reports are stating the collection was inspired by "the Zen of Yoga" (hmmmm), but with names like Spinning Again, Marathin, Gym Dandy, Boxer Shorts and Pilates Hottie sounds bit more like the general sweaty take-your-pick delights of any health club smorgasbord. 

Colours are kind of cute, though. 
Images via temptalia.com  


The indoor (sun-bed) tanning industry in the U.S. is fighting back against government and medical advocates for sun-safe precautions, claiming they're using "sun scare" tactics and, through 'misinformation' about sun exposure, potentially causing a "deadly epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency".

In a stunning counter-claim, they would have us believe the government and medical authorities are getting kick-backs from chemical sunscreen companies that produce SPF products, and this is the sole reason for trying to keep people from U.V. exposure. 

This is not a joke at all. 

Click here to read the full article describing this madness.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So here's the part that sucks about living on the bottom half of the globe...

With regards to postage of highly flammable items, it's a no-go situation. Which means we're missing out on large quantities of dope products - all. the. time. (sad face sulking in the corner). 

This particular collection from Lime Crime is called 'Les Desserts d'Antoinette'

We will just have to be content gazing at these flawless images of colours we can never attain (short of getting on a flight to the Northern Hemisphere).

Nicole from Nail Polish Wars swatched these incredible colours - it's a joy to look at such beautiful work (and nails - let's be honest).  

If you're in the States, you can buy Lime Crime here.

Immaculate images via nailpolishwars.com

Thursday, August 16, 2012


By none other than the House of Chanel. 

This lovely morsel whipped up a frenzy at the latest show. 

Ol' K.L. calls this one 'New Vintage'. 

Being replicated worldwide as I type. 

Image via fashionista.com


So nice to see a new collection that isn't OPI...

Good work, American Apparel! 

Just in time for our temperature spike. 


Image via becomegorgeous.com


Ever daydreamed of punching those pun-tastic OPI monikers in the face?

Well, now you can practise. 

What you do is gather all your best friends and try to come up with the freshest (or at least, the least corniest) name for each colour in the range. Party bag for the winner. Oh yeah!

Customised varnishes from Pretty Please. 

Extremely cute. 

Image via glamour.com


OPI's Germany range. 

Image via glamour.com


OPI cannot stop. Will not stop. 

Gold leaf for their 007 Collection that will coincide with the James Bond Golden Anniversary and the release of the new Bond movie, 'Skyfall'. 

Aaaaand... here's the rest of the collection...

Image via laughingsquid.com and justluxe.com


Being we live in such A.D.D. times, the Olympics are now just a distant, fond memory.

I resisted all pressure to succumb to the live nail art show that was London 2012, but here is my pick for the fairest of them all.

Well done!

Image via fashionista.com


OPI came up with this little black number as an effects top-coat for their Spiderman polish collection. 

Here's what it does... 

Kind of like shatter polish, yet marginally less ugly. 

The reason this one is selling on Ebay at the moment for $70 (that is not a typo), is because OPI kept this for their European market only. 

Clever clogs.

Now you know. 
Nails image via nailderellanails


This is one of those gimmicky new nail things that I can actually get down with.

Check this out.

These polishes change colour (yes they do!) depending on the amount of light they are exposed to. So the premise is, the colour you wear for all your outdoor daytime to-ing and fro-ing is strictly for that - daytime. As soon as dusk hits (or the atmosphere gets darker), the colour switches up for a more sophisticated look. 


And the colour range is actually pretty.

NYC-based company Colour Club call this collection, Ruby Wing.

Seriously, good one on ya, Colour Club. I think this is the best thing I've seen today.  

I love it.

Image via hamptonroads.com

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This pic has been making the rounds (i'm dizzy) and thank Gawd someone got all journalistic and actually determined the REAL source of the photograph. 

dlisted was one of the first to SHUT. IT. DOWN. when all the majors were carrying on about Bey's complete devotion to her man and her manicure - cue the above image. 

Please read for the most comprehensive coverage (I promise!) of the whole confusion.  

...p.s. If that actually was Mrs Carter's hand, she may need to spend a little extra time on the treadie twerkin' that baby weight (and possibly think about outsourcing House of Dereon's accessory designs).

I'm just saying. 

thank you dlisted.com


So, racked.com has determined that 2012 be the year of the textured nail (go on, click on it - the pics are really pretty).

From rubber finish to velvet to magnetic to newspaper print to astro-turf (!!!) if it's textured, it must be on the end of your fingers.  

So I present this to Racked and ask, 

When is too far, too far?? 

I determine when you're hitting the spice rack.

No, I am not kidding. 

This is a salt and pepper manicure. 


Ciate caviar mani's have ALOT to answer for.... 

Salt+Pepper via vampyvarnish.com 
Illamasqua via racked.com


Hindustan Times was kind enough to post this alluring image... 

However, this one below is my favourite at the moment - and one that does a great job of showing off her delicate phalange canvases. 
She may need to do a collabo with a pharmaceutical company for some arthritis meds for her left hand, though... (or is it the weight of that boulder putting a spanner in her works?) 


As I (and people from my team) refer to her, Ms Mazza Cazza is joining the 'illustrious' masses ranks of top-shelf divas with their own little polishes (what? 15mls IS little....).

But to nail (he-hem..) her true pecking order in the whole scheme of this business, OPI has signed her up for not one - but 2 collections.


Congrats, Mazza!

Can't wait to see them.

No, really.

it's all over everywhere, but you can start here and here and here. Enjoy.