Saturday, December 31, 2011


MAC are keeping it sooo fresh and always manage to stay ahead of the pack with their truly inspired creative collaborations. 

Fashion maverick and the late Lee McQueen muse, Daphne Guinness is the latest in an illustrious line for her own limited edition collection. 

Not quite sure why, but she decided to multi-task her nail polish as lipstick. NOT recommended by anyone, really - including the make-up artist for the shoot above. 

Next on MAC's radar - Iris Apfel. This lady has always had the goods. I last spotted her in the documentary, Bill Cunningham New York - which has my vote for best film of 2011. 

Check her out. 

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Who found 2011 more than challenging?? 

By many, many accounts this year, it's been a long, tough one. But we are still here standing, so...

Hooray for us. And hooray for 2012. 

This image makes me happy. 

Happy New Year, to all of you who support Bronz'd tanning+nails year after year, and continue to help make my life amazing. 

Immense love and respect. 

Image via my husband's iPhone.... 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


This is a trend that I've been a smidge slow to report - probably because I haven't seen any out here in little 'ol Brisbane yet (...and that is not to say it isn't here...).

Behold magnetic nail polish! (Be gone, fugly shatter polish...ugh).

I've read a handful of reports, reviews and tutorials, but the real proof is in the playing with the product. 

Will be on the look-out in the new year. 

Watch this space. 


Monster London nail salon, Wah Nails, have collab'ed with Minx Nails (well, who hasn't, really??) but this one is truly dope - and it should be, coming from Wah. 

This nail spot really is one of the true originals in the game, and is one of the reasons the UK girls are leading the charge in the resurgence of nail art and the growing reverence, relevance and respect (finally!!) for the art that is nails. 

Magnificent collaboration.

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RACK 'EM UP FOR 2011 (always the foreword in fresh...) has fairly succinctly wrapped up ('racked up'?? (corny...)) the year in nail trends. 

They've got the real-deal-Holyfield top 10 that I just can't argue with, or better. 

Thanks, racked!! We love it! 

P.s. Minx NailArmour might need to watch their backs with the Sally Hansen Polish strips - same basic concept, (dare I say it????...) better overall product?? Individuals may have to be the judge.