Tuesday, February 23, 2010


London Fashion Week has BEEN in full swing and Sophy Robson was all over it...

Top 2 images are from 'The House of Holland' show. You know I only got one word for this kinda fabolousness... DOPE.
(btw... C.T.F.O. stands for 'chill the f.. out').

Last image is Erykah Badu's Minx-ing (act like you know.... if not - check older Bronz'd posts). Like she said.... (RT@fatbellybella...) "SHEEEIT".

Images courtesy of Sophy Robson and Erykah Badu's twitter feeds.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Some images from a shoot (Stradbroke Island) - BRONZ'D tanning in the house! (...or on the beach actually....)
Thanks to Israel and Nat for making my work look soooooo good... ;)
Seriously, though - these are 2 extremely talented artists that I've been sincerely fortunate to be involved with.

Images courtesy of Natalie Lynn (check her link on the right side bar) with MORE coming really soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Could this be a clue in the elusive Banana Leaf clutch mystery that has been toying with me lately???
I really do not know....
Givenchy Spring/Summer 2010. Mmmmmm.


Big ups to RC for embracing the tan in the new decade!

But let's face it - Bob has never really been afraid of being truly tanfastic. History will show and prove...



And here! (this one's really good...)

The Jersey Shore kids have been vindicated this year!! (although, there is a fine, but CLEAR line between bronzed and tandoori (yees, as you can see - even mighty Bert (and Kate!) have fallen victim)).
Look forward to Snooki's guest appearance in the up and coming campaigns!! (Jk - but, don't front - weirder 'isht HAS happened).

Spring/Summer '10 image courtesy of http://www.fashionising.com/

Friday, February 12, 2010


So shocked right now....

What can one say? Our world needs more people like Alexander McQueen, not less.

Extremely sad day.
Model image courtesy of http://www.thehouseofpretty.com/

Thursday, February 11, 2010


...get the money, HUNDRED dollar bills, y'all.....

Now THIS is how it's done.

Rih is on point once again - this was her choice for Grammy night - IT'S MONEY, baby!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This has got to be one of Tom Ford's tamer campaigns... It actually suits him!

Spring/Summer 2010 - very cute and cheeky and cool.
I'm submitting this one 'cause I LOVE the tan lines.

See a fuller collection of shots over at http://www.thehouseofpretty.com/


Varnishes in the new MAC collection - 'Riveting'.

Hit up http://www.thehouseofpretty.com/ for the rest of the makeup range.

Images courtesy of thehouseofpretty.com


The above bunch of posts come courtesy of inspiration (and images) drawn DIRECTLY from THEHOUSEOFPRETTY.

Let me be crystal clear - I cannot stan enough for this website (forgive me, Aja...).
Let me also remind you, it's all about the nails (well, maybe not...) just here - 'LOVE' magazine Spring/Summer 2010.

Get the #$*! over to http://www.thehouseofpretty.com/ to see ALL the goodness....


As we consummate consumers of vast, varying arrays of beauty products are acutely aware, many times you can read a review, get a recommendation - even see something someone else is wearing - and think "I NEED that! (...immediately - if not, sooner!)", only to get home, crack it open, put it on (in the harsh daylight) and need some post-traumatic stress counselling.
Whatever it was that you just spent your month's disposable income on (with the to-die-for packaging) is actually a piece of crap - and WHAT do you do with it now because it's been 'used'?!? (..besides sit and watch that feeling of euphoria (that is almost better than the perfect product) go hurtling toward the dumpster where it would soon be followed by the offending 'beauty' product...)

If you are into bronzers, I am here to guide you (actually, my BFF is here to guide me to guide you - aficionado, arbiter, authority, devotee, specialist are terms not sufficient to describe her 'skill'...).
DuWop Revolotion is the product you've waiting for your whole life (I am not overstating this). It is a bronzer, moisturiser and SPF all in one. All I can say in regard to this product, is - refer to the title of this post.

I must warn you though, before you become completely enamoured with this miracle -to add to its extreme allure, procuring a tube can be one of the most arduous journeys you'll ever make in your personal beauty regime career - BECAUSE - it's not just a matter of getting a tube of DuWop Revolotion.
There are 2 different colours.
One makes you look how you look in your dreams when you are wearing a Herve Leger bandage dress and Louboutins toying with David Beckham/Pharrell Williams/George Clooney/Ashton Kutcher's emotions (nooo..... remember? Rob Patterson does NOT dig the bronzed effect...). Aaaand, THE OTHER?
Well, it makes you look as though you've been spat out of a community-college pottery-turning class (and Patrick Swayze REALLY ain't coming to your assistance, either...).
Trust me on this - you MUST only purchase the 'deep' colour of this product. You do NOT want the 'medium' colour.
That said, hop onto http://www.sephora.com/ , dedicate your life to checking religiously when the 'deep' stock is in and get in line - I just may see you there...


'Home made' is taking an unexpected turn as of late, with the addition of these lovelies....

I have no doubt both of these were executed (with much diligence, focus and 'creativity') at an actual nail desk, possibly in a space that had other nail desks, surrounded by 'beauty' paraphernalia, near a front desk with a cash register at it and a large banner outside the space above the front door specifying the function of the space - but I cannot go so far as to say these look... eeehhhhh (uuuummm???) professional? (Is the Guess purse meant to enhance the lovely corset design?...).
And I cannot hold out much hope for the cashies lasting a week (if that) with the weight of those (extremely charming (yet monstrous...)) 'embellishments' mocking the diminutive nailbeds to hang on for dear life. (Pleeease, hang on (!!!) because that is gonna hurt like a mugh when they crack off - especially that twirling pinkie. *shudder*)
Oh dear...

Luckily for me, I live in an apartment and not a glass-house.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is the 2nd colour in a series of 4, of a limited-edition polish range that Kit cosmetics is pushing for the month of February.

RED HOT ROMANCE has obviously been timed in for V's day this week and as Kit touts, it's 'not too pink, not too orange', BUT! ...seeing as last week's POOLSIDE PARTY turned up looking NOTHING like it did in the website image (very strong, candy-lime green - not pastel-ly mint at all...), I'm saving my judgement for when I can see this one up close and personal.

Will keep you all updated!


Dunno who's collection this is or who did the nails - but, I DO know I want that clutch!


Illamasqua is the new make-up and polish range founded by Julian K (Kynaston), with input for the new summer range of nail varnishes by my newest idol, Sophy Robson.

As the Northern Hemisphere heads into Spring/Summer, all the pastels are coming strong and this range is no exception - the collection is gorgeous.

Just before this range launches, Sophy does a sneaky mention of it in her January blog - not really being able to reveal any actual detail about it - but she did hooked us up with the promo vid of Illamasqua's DYSTOPIA range to tide us over.
Ill doesn't even begin to describe... very inspirational.
Check out Illamasqua's other collections at http://www.illamasqua.com/shop/catalogue/nails/

Image courtesy of http://www.beautyshop.com/ (currently under construction)


To commemorate my (ridiculously delayed) induction into the Twitter phenom, let me post these little gems that could be homemade, but have had an EXCELLENT chop at looking somewhat professional. (pinkie looks like a widdle tandoowi bunny wabbit...)

2 thumbs up!! (not toe thumbs, either...)
Come follow! :)
(Props to the owner/creator of this nail art... would credit it - but have lost where it came from. Apologies....)

Monday, February 8, 2010


This just in....

Megan Fox has a 'toe thumb', and needed a 'thumb double' for the filming of the latest Motorola commercial for SuperBowl primetime.

....I remember reading an article a little minute ago about Fox having rocks for brains - wonder what other misplaced body parts she has?....
The magical illusion that is Hollywood rocks on and on and on (and on...)
Image courtesy (obviously...) of http://www.msn.com.au/

Monday, February 1, 2010


So KIT cosmetics keeps me in the loop.

Here's the latest in a little polish promo they're pushing for February. 4 limited edition colours available strictly online only and they will be releasing one each Monday for the month of February. This one is called POOLSIDE PARTY.

It's really cute... although to be honest, seems a smidge dated now Spring/Summer is slowly on it's way out and the fuss of Chanel's JADE has all but faded into the background to make way for the Autumn putty-ness of PARTICULIERE.
But! I should probably hold my critique till I can see the 4 colours together - POOLSIDE PARTY could just play its part in rounding out a lovely little collection.
Guess we'll see what else KIT has up their sleeve next Monday.


This just in...

American Apparel have recalled their new polish line for faulty glassware.

Image courtesy of http://www.vogue.co.uk/