Thursday, June 21, 2012


butter London are getting into the metallic swing of things with the Olympics right around the corner. 

Here's their take on the medal tally.

The polish names are sufficiently English... 

Gold - The Full Monty
Silver - Diamond Geezer
Bronze - The Old Bill



Not content to be left out of the nail art/embellishment/enhancement explosion, MAC cosmetics collab'ed with fashion champs, Ruffian to come up with their disposable take on Ruffian's past Fashion Weeks' nail directions. 

Behold the press-on's. 

I believe it's been so long that anyone has actually used press-ons, that we've all sufficiently forgotten their innate down-falls...

None the less!!

3 different polish designs and end shapes in this limited edition collection - each fresh in their own right, with lipsticks to match. 


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Nostalgia for days!

The colours are crazy.

Get the box collection here.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


There are an excruciating amount of nail polish 'enthusiast' blogs in existence.


Then last week I came across 'little nails'What a gorgeous looking blog...

And talent?? Well. Her polish skills speak for themselves. Most professionals can't paint this well - not even close. 

Little Nails is from Sydney, Australia and her personal ethos is one I've also adopted over the last several years. It is... short nails are beautiful. 

As she attests, it can be tough finding a nail professional that shares this philosophy so she has learnt to D.I.Y. and boy, has she excelled. Make sure you hit the link above and check her out. 

Bronz'd salutes you, Little Nails!

Keep up the beautiful work! :)  

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Minx Metallics is still killing it. 


I'm back.

Let's go.


Nails, Nail, Nails!!

Every fashion magazine worth their trend-reporting salts from monthly bibles to weekly trashies seems to be putting nails to the fore.

Almost every one I flick through these days is keeping it right up to date with the latest and greatest for the end of your fingers - from designers and pop stars collaborating with top nail industry leaders, to a complete round-up of up-to-the-second styles, colours, products and looks, to insider how-to on getting those 'celebrity manicurist's' results.

Even your nanna's fav, Sally Hansen has had a make-over and sponsored Grazia magazine's coverage of Australian Fashion Week last month. The coverage's tagline?

"The hottest accessory of the season? Statement nails from Sally Hansen". 

Gosh. Who knew?