Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Laura Mercier has released a little polish range. 


The last on the right could be the answer to my quest for a replacement for CND 'burn'.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lara Stone is an Amazon. 

You may remember a month or so back, I posted Tom Ford's glistening new signature beauty spot in New York City.  

Here is the full range of polishes. 

They retail at thirty U.S. dollars, so WHO knows just how much we'll get ripped  pay here. 

Tom Ford stocked exclusively at David Jones Australia. 

Stay tuned. 


MinxNails has, without question, had a revolutionary effect on the nail and beauty industry with their groundbreaking 'nail armour' patented strips. Since cracking the scene back in 2004, the company has skyrocketed into mainstream consciousness and beyond, taking prominent marketshare, from backwater nail shops to the runways of haute couture.

As the adage goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so enter a million (okay, maybe a hundred...) other enterprises coming up with copycat products. 

There comes a point, however, where original innovation inspires beyond imitation and certain exceptions are ushered to stand beside the industry standard. 

Even though I've been a Minx advocate for the last 2 years it's actually been available in Australia, I've found myself stuck on the same handful of designs regardless of the ever-widening range available. No amount of celebrity nail-tech collaborations with the brand has helped my plight. 

So what is one to do? Sometimes, look elsewhere. 

ncLA's nail wraps have gone the other way with design inspiration. Instead of staying within the beauty industry, they've partnered with LA-based luxury t-shirt line, Succession for the limited edition designs above. This is definitely something I can get with.  

ncLA's nail wraps are a little D.I.Y. product and are currently not available in Australia (but hey, neither were Minx for the first 5 years...). 
Hopefully these dope creative collaborations can help change that fact... (suggestion - sass+bide, Romance Was Born, Mary Katrantzou et al for ncLA???).

Full article over at

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Even in black and white, they got the bronze right. 


Image via Paris Vogue

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has never really been my cup of tea, but this weird little shade of yellowish-orange definitely has. She is killing it in this January/February 2012 Australian Harpers Bazaar shoot, though, I'll give her that. 

The CND varnish pictured above (Kumquat Dahlia) has been discontinued (don't even get me started on that subject) - but it gives you the idea. 

Go forth and match. 

Images via Harpers Bazaar Australia


There are alot of websites and blogs dedicated to nail polish. My pick for new directions is always Refinery 29

Being that they are so dope, they've got the 2012 polish trends already sorted. 

It's the middle of summer (and a heatwave...) here, so my favourite picks from their 8 directions are the two above.

I've already ripped their images, so I'm gonna let them lead you through the other six trends and tell you why all eight are so special. 

Click on the link above (or just below). 

Images via

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Bit of mint with your cobalt?

Images via Australian Grazia magazine


ACE Hotel has collab'ed with Uslu Airline cosmetics to come up with their very own signature nail varnish. 

2-odd years ago I had the pleasure of staying at ACE's West 29th Street Manhattan location with my very best friend and we really did have an ace time whilst there (although the Breslin coffee shop had not opened at that stage, which was not even close to being ace.) 
I can however, vouch that the interiors are indeed this same colour of above polish. 


I will now stop saying 'ace'. 

Images and full article via


Would you like a LV bag or some nail varnish?? 

Those good folk at managed to unearth this incredible vintage Louis Vuitton nail polish box set (wwhhaaatt??) over at .

Soooo, it's all yours for $595. (...yes, that right - the decimal comes after the second '5'...).

I've got a couple of bottles of polish around the 8-9 year mark - but this is something else completely.  Racked suggests the can of Tab gives some reference to the age of the varnishes. 


Images and full article via Racked National


If you've ever owned two (or more) black garments, you'll be familiar with the concept that there is absolutely more than one shade of black. 

Enter STRANGEBEAUTIFUL's new boxed collection of every version of black (and an odd grey and olive) varnish you could ever need. 


Image and full article via

Monday, January 9, 2012


Get a bangin' spraytan to start with.... 

Australian Grazia does it again. 

Nails are on point. As per, there is no credit for the talent. (Boo). 

Images via Australian Grazia 

Sunday, January 8, 2012



So, my husband found these images and since watching 'The September Issue' (and developing a style crush on Grace Coddington), he now insists of the title of Creative Director of this blog.....  

Images via Vogue Italia

Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's ba-aaack......

Pink reigns supreme. 

Celine called it first (it gets no better than Phoebe Philo), with Michael Kors following closely behind.

Here's my 2 picks for nails. They're both getting serious mileage at the moment. 

essie - bermuda shorts

essie - chastity

Get your pink on. 

Essie available nationally at Myer. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A couple of months back, Lorna Jane Clarkson launched her book - MOVE, NOURISH, BELIEVE.

Lorna Jane, the woman and the company has been a client of mine for a minute now, and I was honoured when she handed me a copy of the book the week it debuted. And I was even more honoured to see images included within the book that Bronz'd tanning+nails had been involved in the production of (above). 

I settled down to have a flick through it, and found myself unable to put it down. I read the whole thing in one sitting. What an inspirational book, career and person! 

Lorna's healthy, active, positive lifestyle philosophy is one I share with her - but there was part of one particular quote that jumped up and clubbed me over the head. 

Working within a handful of industries (beauty, modelling, fashion) that tend to overlap and are all concerned entirely with external appearance, I've found it can become an extremely slippery slope into gossip, bitchiness, judgement and criticism all under the guise of day-to-day operations, getting the job done, and not to be forgotten, socialising. So, on pages 42-43, Christian D Larson hit the nail right on the head in espousing that, 

"....give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticise others..."

This nugget of brilliance is nestled into an entirely larger quote and could have been easily skimmed over - but there it was - some of it in particularly bold typeface. 

Imagine if you only lived by this credo, the type of life you would develop and all the various by-products created as a result... 


Definitely something to aspire to achieve each and every day. 

Bronz'd says Thanks, Lorna! :) 

All images via MOVE. NOURISH. BELIEVE.