Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sophy Robson does it again at Giles Deacon for London Fashion Week - cartoon goggle-eyes ontop of multi-coloured pastels.

Shout out to Vogue Australia for giving her her rightful shine in their round-up of the show.

Read the rest of it here

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The incredible Pania Rose for Australian Vogue last November.

If this is how her skin looks in black and white??.... I'm salivating for the colour version.

Thanks to mammatuppy.com for bringing these images to my attention.


Gorgeous Juli Grbac was kind enough to send me over an image of her newly minted Minx toenails to show off my handwork (....who is she kidding?? AND her Stella McCartney's...)

Nice one, Juls....  ;]  x


Now that's love.


Katy Perry x Kimmy Kyees for Minx - customised (obviously....) at the VMA's.

image via makeherup.com


Custom Minx nails by TracyLee for Alice+Olivia for NYFW.


full article here


O.P.I. for Zac Posen at NYFW.

full article here

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Disposable fashion hipsters, Urban Outfitters are the latest (in a growing queue...) to jump on the nail armour/foil bandwagon, with a new d.i.y. line called 'Nail Fraud'.

At least they're not trying to front like they're bringing you something brand new, or superior to the original (and still the best) Minx.

Now, I cannot front - I have to admit, I'm loving both these designs. (see?? there is room for everyone!). Lemme see if I can't get someone to hook me up...

Big love to my boy, Danielito over at materialology.com for the heads up.


Chanel-colour/tone combo inspired nails from Nonie Creme of Butter London for Vena Cava.

CND for Ruffian

and for Phillip Lim

Michian for Park Choon Moo

gold leafing at Cushnie Et Ochs

Sally Hansen's 'wicked bamboo' decals for Tracy Reese

Images via stylelist.com


Mainstream Aussie media outlets are getting onboard to let the masses know about Minx Nails.

Minx Nails has been smashing the WHOLE scene in the U.S. for the last 4 years, with celebs like Rihanna (above), Lady Gaga (msn article), Beyonce, Pink, and Fergie (to name but a few...) putting in work as fulltime ambassadors for the dooope brand - but things are just gaining momentum over here since SwitchFunky had the incredible foresight to bring Minx Nails into Australia late last year.

Peep this ninemsn.com.au article that popped up this week.

Everybody else - resistance is futile....


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sydney Beauty Expo was at the weekend and it was L.A.R.G.E.

Literally, extremely large... any company that could even loosely associate itself with the beauty industry managed to wrangle a spot inside the monster Sydney Convention Centre, for 2 days of super-charged meet/greet/cop-our-stuff-there's-nothing-else-like-it-on-the-planet madness. 

The dynamic SwitchFunky team (myself included!) were in full effect shovelling the public what it demanded, with incredible brands like Minx Nails, Sara Happ lip products and Bellisima Gel flying out of the stand at ridiculous speeds.

Between the main SwitchFunky stand, that stayed 5-6 deep at the counter for the entire trade show, we also manned (or rather wo-manned...) the official Minx Manicure & Martini lounge - for which the appointment book was solidly jammed packed for the 2 days of trade exactly 45 mins after the doors opened on the first day.

The team held their collective breaths with heady anticipation to make honoured acquaintance with Minx Nails creators, Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan - who, as it turns out, are 2 of the loveliest, most genuine women you could ever wish their stunning success for.  

Aaand, if that wasn't enough, SwitchFunky/Minx Nails also sponsored 6 fashion shows over 2 days, staking claim backstage, rounding out hair and makeup with an amazing array of Minx Nails designs that took models' grooming to perfect completion.

In short - we were gettin it in.

Special shoutouts to Peter and Lucy Lykissas, Angela Taylor, Kylie Clare and Marslie Smits for presenting the rest of the team with such an incredible opportunity to be involved with some of the most exciting products and companies on offer in the industry at the moment.


yes, indeed...