Thursday, June 2, 2011


Oh, brother...

I really have been out of it.

Here's what Refinery 29 had to report about another Sophy Robson-created trend... 3 MONTHS AGO!

Soph christened it the 'V-Gap' (hmmm.... 'gap' is so British), and it's a twist on the retro 1920-30's style mani's where they would leave the lunula at the base of the nail exposed, and polish the rest of the nail plate.

Sophy Robson, for me, is the undisputed heavy-weight champ in the nail world. She can do no wrong. Her creations that transform into real trends are beautiful and completely wearable for people that love something a little bit different, yet don't want to stray into looking ridiculous from the wrists down.


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