Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I am the polar opposite of a hoarder. 

In my life I've been routinely referred to as 'ruthless' in my ability assess the validity of personal possessions and discard whatever did not make the grade. It can get cut-throat. 

Where I (seriously) fall down in this regard however,  is magazines. 
Call them my Achilles-heel. 

Soooo, my husband and I have been having a spring clean of sorts and we jointly decided (meaning: he strongly suggested...) to tackle, organise, collate, discard (some of) my verging-on-the-ridiculous magazine collection. 

some of what remains......

so, the POINT of this post is, during this enormous undertaking - which involved leafing through each magazine individually (some dating back 20+ years...) to determine worth - I came across many extremely interesting things (hopefully, huh??) - not the least of, the repetitive nature over years, of themes and trends in fashion. Not a ground-breaking realisation, but definitely one that endures not matter how much true creativity and innovation is lauded.

These cycles appear just as strongly (if not, more so) with beauty trends.

In a U.S. Harpers Bazaar dated 2001, they featured an outstanding article on Lauren Hutton. 

What an amazing woman. 

In a pictorial history of her modelling career, I noticed these covers dated May 1971 and January 1967 respectively. 

The nude, almond-shaped look has been making strong headway for a minute now, but after I found this image, I immediately fell in love with Loewe's latest campaign, below. 

This is definitely one trend that deserves another go 'round. 

March 2011 Italian Vogue. Manicure by Jenny Longworth.

Not to mention Australian Vogue's November cover. 

Now for some extreme forecasting on Lancome's behalf - 10 years shy of the Minx phenomenon, the explosion in popularity of nail polish and accessories, the recognition of the relevance of nails as part of complete grooming and the styling brief, and their prominence in mainstream advertising campaigns.... Lancome launched this campaign back in 2001. 

Well done!!

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