Thursday, February 2, 2012


You would expect this nonsense from another particular 'celebrity'.....

The most distressing part of this news cycle is that somehow Christina Aguilera's 'tan run' has taken precedent over the fact that someone has actually passed away. (The magnificent Etta James, for the late-comers....) 

I'm upset that I'm perpetuating this 'newsworthy-ness' by posting this picture, and also because poor pet does not look pretty at all - which incidentally has absolutely nothing to do with the  tan dripping down her leg. 


So, what is the moral of this cautionary tale? 

Take the following advice to heart and NEVER question it:

NO, you CANNOT (can you HEAR me??) have a spray tan the day of your wedding, birthday, husband/boyfriend/partner's birthday, child's christening, award night, anniversary, or let's say, performance at a funeral (sheesh....).

Have some respect for the process (and yourself) and organise your isht for at least 24 hours before your big event. Please. 

Thank you.

Image via nypost

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  1. Even more cautionary, the runs were originally attributed to her monthly visitor not a spray tan.