Sunday, June 3, 2012


Nails, Nail, Nails!!

Every fashion magazine worth their trend-reporting salts from monthly bibles to weekly trashies seems to be putting nails to the fore.

Almost every one I flick through these days is keeping it right up to date with the latest and greatest for the end of your fingers - from designers and pop stars collaborating with top nail industry leaders, to a complete round-up of up-to-the-second styles, colours, products and looks, to insider how-to on getting those 'celebrity manicurist's' results.

Even your nanna's fav, Sally Hansen has had a make-over and sponsored Grazia magazine's coverage of Australian Fashion Week last month. The coverage's tagline?

"The hottest accessory of the season? Statement nails from Sally Hansen". 

Gosh. Who knew?  

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