Tuesday, August 28, 2012


In a post entitled '10 Things We're So Over on Pinterest', wired.com lists nail polish 'pins' as one. 

Just sooo eloquently described, I could not help but laugh out loud (and agree wholeheartedly!) as I read it.

When I embarked on this blog creation, I wasn't quite sure what my direction was. As I stumbled across a veritable heap of polish blogs, I discovered this strange hand pose to supposedly showcase nails and bottle of product used. This seemed to be the de rigueur of hand/nail poses. 

While I have been able to acknowledge this, I could never bring myself to replicate and it still makes me giggle when I see picture upon picture of the oddness. 

Good one on ya, GeekMom. Well played. 

Read for yourself.  

Image via wired.com

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