Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This is late, but what the hell. Nail news is nail news. 

Nails Inc. came up with a black varnish that when dry looks alot like leather. Then they packaged it up with some little skull decals so all the tough luxe girls (and boys?) would love it. 

Then Alexa Chung wore it somewhere and it was reported on and then the world lost it's mind. 

Sales for the polish went berserk and the waiting list for re-issue hit almost a thousand. 

Just as a side-note, Illamasqua did a really similar black a couple of years ago as their first foray into their rubber finish collection. It was pretty dope too. 

If you managed to get a bottle of this Nails Inc. little precious, you'd probably be feeling pretty good about yourself.

Well done.

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  1. i'll take the leather and leave the skulls :) x