Saturday, November 21, 2009


For the longest, things had been decidedly low-key, even snoozy in the world of fashion toward the humble fingernail and all it's accompanying styles, trends, disciplines and 'enhancements'. All models had the shortest, sometimes manicured, natural nails and if there was time and space (and the spare pair of hands to do the work) in the high heir of hair and make-up, some lick of polish that worked with the collection possibly made it to some nails. Acrylic (looking) nails were sneered and scoffed at as being impossibly unstylish, uncouth and just down-right tacky.
But with fashion and music closely following and constantly borrowing back and forth from each other, it was probably only a matter of time before Gwen Stefani and Fergie's trailblazing ironic talons were actually being incorporated into serious runway trends.

So then I blinked, and now it's ALL I'm seeing - EVERYWHERE. I feel like I've been sucked straight back into a SWV video!
Mad colours, length, nail art, embellishments, foil wraps, permanent french (someone please pass the smelling salts...) and shape - oh my gosh, shape!

Tom Ford reintroduced the almond shape in the ad campaign of his 2006 debut eyewear collection and i wasn't really sure then. I was hoping it'd be novelty and nostalgia, and fade to black - but this look has been slowly gaining momentum ever since, with Rihanna championing the cause for, easily at least, the last 6 months and the likes of Kim Kardashian (etc, etc) jumpin on just now. Very recent pics of Rih, show she's taking it to the absolute extreme, with no curve up to the tips at all - straight 'V' shape (New Moon/vampire fever hittin everyone??...)

Fast-forward to the last 3 months, and I'm now seeing serious commitment to early 90's throwback with Blake Lively pushing looong, SQUARE, nude acrylic jobs and my girl, Amber Rose reppin the long and square with her pink+white (see early posts - gag...)
The more I'm seeing of all this extravaganza, i could be possibly (mis)led (dragged backwards, kicking, screaming) down this path.
Could it be my shorties ain't cuttin it anymore?? You don't even know how it hurts me to think this...

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