Monday, November 2, 2009


So we're doin it up for Colour of the Week right now (drum roll, please...)

Well, it's not green, that's for sure!

With most of the world's fashion authorities firmly placed in A/W '09/'10 mode, we here in the sub-tropical climates are about to be looking for more spring/summer inspired colours. With our trends all washed out in pastels, nails aren't far behind...

This divine slick of a varnish is not pink and it's not purple - it's somewhere in between -a lilac, if you will (so ridiculous with an accompanying tan...), and it's called GRAPEADE (well, it used to be called GRAPEADE - Creative have discontinued it (so shortsighted - once again, heartbroken).

BUT!... seeing as here in Oz, Creative (cnd) is a salon-only product and therefore not readily retail-available, I'm proud to announce that the good people at MAC and kit cosmetics have both come up with their sterling versions of this colour. (p.s. thanks for the endorsement, Agy ...I'll co-sign the 'nana yellow toenails too).

MAC's COOL RESERVE is already sold out online, but kit cosmetics have just released DULUX KISS (slightly more pink than lilac), in a series of Dulux paints-inspired pastels that i need to get every colour of (see post above...)

Don't you just love Spring??

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