Friday, July 23, 2010


Listen to me - yellow and orange are going to be ENORMOUS for Spring/Summer (southern hemisphere).

I'm already obsessed with any shade of yellow - it's helping my subtropical-acclimatized mentality cope with this RIDICULOUS cold weather (YES, you Southerns - I can hear you cackling like hyenas...)

Annalynne McCord is knocking it out with the mustard.

The chicas over at seem to think otherwise, putting this in their 'trend or tragic' category. You're definitely gonna be backpedaling on this one, girls...

Trend, fo sho. 

ps... hands+feet is never too much when done correctly.

Here's what I'm sayin...

CND 'bicycle'

I am also stannin for O.P.I.'s 'the "IT" colour' (see? they know..). It's definitely a mustard, closer to what A.L. is wearing above.

Do the diligence.

You have been informed.

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