Friday, July 23, 2010



M.A.C. cosmetics, usually known for their conscientious backing of social issues has stepped in it this time around.

A collaboration with fashion heavies, Rodarte - inspired by Mexico - has become extremely controversial because of 2 nail polish names in particular. The first one named for the town, 'Juarez' and the follow up is 'Factory'.

Juarez is an impoverished town that has become infamous for it's extreme violence (kidnappings, rapes, murders) against poor women that work in it's factories. This issue has attracted even more attention because of the lack of interest or action by officials against the perpetrators of these crimes.

Many Americans aware of this issue are crying foul against M.A.C. and are asking they make some restitution regarding their insensitivity to this situation.

M.A.C. have responded swiftly in making the following apology - “MAC will give a portion of the proceeds from the MAC Rodarte collection to help those in need in Juarez. We are diligently investigating the best way to do this. Please be assured that we will keep you posted on the details regarding our efforts.”

Given the background regarding Juarez, I'm looking at the eyeshadow above in a whole new light... (eek!). Those Rodarte girls are dark. Sheesh.  

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