Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is the only acceptable way large bodies of water should look.....
Whilst currently residing in flood-ravaged South-East Queensland, the sight of blue water as opposed to brown sludge makes me want to break out in song. 
This right here is the type of summer we Queenslanders are accustumed to - not the b.s. we've been shortchanged with this year.
Moving right along...
I rediscovered this shoot just the other day when I finally got to the bottom of an obscene pile of mags relegated for loving new homes (sans few pages here and there....)

Styling by Mark Vassallo and photography by Kane Skennar.

Whenever I am completely transfixed by a shoot in an Australian fashion mag, it has always been styled by the outlandishly brilliant Vassallo, and Skennar is constantly pushing things just beyond the limit, making his images jump up off the pages (yes - she IS walking out of the surf in heels....).
Individually, these two are so prolific and revered, but something even more amazing happens when they work together.
With all these elements coming together in one stupendous shoot, I had no choice but to revisit and post up. (also, this is post #200....)

Fresh to death.

(Nails/manicure - uncredited)

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