Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of my clients last week kindly, and matter-of-factly, informed me that French is back (clearly she has never read this blog...archive post OCT 2009archive post MARCH 2010 ).

And while this resurgence in nail trends could send me into early retirement, I'm loathe to concede she is correct in her current observations.

Whilst I routinely talk smack about French nails - who am I to go up against the likes of Soph Robson for Louis Vuitton and the styling direction of Christina Centenera for Harper's Bazaar (above) ??

...Normally, I would just post images showcasing nails or tanning, but this shoot is so monsterously dope, I had to include the whole thing (...however, no credit included for manicurist - dammit).

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  1. this makes me think of you, jess bruton, giselle bundchen, and victoria beckham roled into one photo shoot!