Tuesday, October 27, 2009


SO! here it is.... the reason for the frenzy-inducing buzz around Chanel at the moment.

I hit up a few other spots to see what was being talked about and reports in nail colour at high-end fashion show front rows were 'ALL blue and green' - which i'm thinking...really??
Music/fashion/style maverick, Erykah Badu and reality tv it-girl, Whitney Port (amongst others) were both rockin this shade of pastel blue for, at least, the last 18 months and have since moved on. Which brings us back to green...
As a nail tech, it's possibly the last colour I want to willingly associate with nails, but look - if you have to wear green, Chanel's JADE is probably the prettiest hue you're gonna get. Incidentally, 12 months ago, i picked up a bottle of O.P.I. 'hey! get in lime!' (essentially exactly the same as Chanel JADE (ummm, is this the cosmetic equivalent to a grade-A bootleg designer handbag?? i digress...)) that i've never been able to crack open. I thought for sure one of my brave little fashionistas would have given it a burl, but - nada. Perhaps it does just take the mighty Chanel nod of approval to get this colour over the line.
The last time a Chanel green was incorporated into such a strong launch (in my memory, anyway - 2001-ish?), it was in a series of jelly-like sheer tints/stains. Sheer being the point, no amount of layering this colour got it away from looking like there were fungal infections on all 10 nails - which I think it's safe to say, is not the look that someone who spends $40 a bottle on nail varnish is going for.
At the end of the day, once it's out of the bottle and on your nails...what brand is it again, ladies??

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