Thursday, October 29, 2009

VIVA LA FRENCH! (DON'T try this at home - or anywhere else for that matter!)

You know that old adage, 'Reformed (insert choice addiction here)'s are the WORST!'? Well, I'm here to live by it....

For years, I proudly paraded that pink+white and pushed it on the clientele like I was selling crack - you couldn't tell me n.o.t.h.i.n. about Permanent French. It was all you were ever gonna need. Ever.

Then one cold day, like any indecent obsession, things just went too far. All of sudden, it wasn't clean, fresh OR versatile - it was clunky, dated and....well, tacky. Like someone took 10 Panadol capsules, pushed them in and stuck 'em right there on the end of ya fingers. Yep.

And, so began the looong road away from permanent french acrylic.

I've been keeping an eye on trends, praying no-one was planning on bringing it back. Only during S/S '08 did I see a sneaky reference by Gucci and Versace to a very soft, short, barely-there traditional french manicure (entirely different from fat pink and white acrylic...)

SO...imagine my distress when i saw (my idol) Amber Rose captured a month or so ago, walking in Soho, NY, sporting THESE monstrosities!'re hurting me! It's inducing traumatic flashbacks!! Make her stop!!!

I'm counting on this being part of the ironic nod, given all the 80's borderline 90's fever flying around.

I will give her nail chick some dap, though. These particular smashed-in Panadol capsules aren't actually that hideous - ONLY managed by the fact that Amber Rose is sooo ridiculous in her hotness and she keeps her tan game tight (we shall salute her efforts in this area in coming posts) - incidentally, something NOT seen modelled here by Casper Ninja, ghost-stalking A.R....

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  1. i refuse to revert back to the panadol capsules. maybe a-rose is just testing us to see if we will follow her lead, like rihanna did when she wore that stupid blue fascinator and strapless denim bustier dress - she had to be kidding us, right? how can you be so hot and still get it so wrong...