Saturday, October 31, 2009

IT'S NOT JUST FOR HAMMERED HOLLYWOOD STARLETS (and you don't have to look (or smell!) like a Halloween pumpkin!)

It's time to give tanning some (sun)shine...
For alot of my cousins in the Northern Hemisphere, spraytanning is the (unintentionally) hilarious and frivolous, exclusive domain of drug-addled celebutantes and their starry-eyed, zombie-esque disciples, and it usually involves Tandoori inspired mishaps of Halloween-level ghoulishness.
In my travels up North, when discussion turns to this subject, I'm often met with the query, "Why don't you just lay out??".
Well, here in the land Down Under (yep, the big one positioned under that hole in the ozone layer...) 'laying out' just ain't an option (no - 'melanoma' is not a delicious cocktail made with cantaloupes...).
Here, spraytanning is actually seen as the ONLY responsible and sun-sensible option to get you that goood colour - and we are serious about our product. Should a spraytanning establishment dare deliver even a mildly peach-toned service, their name is terracotta-coloured MUD.
So, as the temperature (Celsius, thank you...) climbs rapidly in the coming weeks, BRONZD will be showcasing some of the more intriguing tanning products available - some gimmicky, some the real deal - so stay tuned.
And in the meanwhile... Happy Halloween!!


  1. many people i know have had a horrible experience where they literally looked the colour of a pumpkin at Bronzed Brazilian in Cannon Hill/Morningside - wonder what one they use...YUCK!

  2. this needs to be published in a "separated at birth" section in a magazine. the resemblance is too spot on. poor lil lilo, she needs bronzd.