Wednesday, February 10, 2010


'Home made' is taking an unexpected turn as of late, with the addition of these lovelies....

I have no doubt both of these were executed (with much diligence, focus and 'creativity') at an actual nail desk, possibly in a space that had other nail desks, surrounded by 'beauty' paraphernalia, near a front desk with a cash register at it and a large banner outside the space above the front door specifying the function of the space - but I cannot go so far as to say these look... eeehhhhh (uuuummm???) professional? (Is the Guess purse meant to enhance the lovely corset design?...).
And I cannot hold out much hope for the cashies lasting a week (if that) with the weight of those (extremely charming (yet monstrous...)) 'embellishments' mocking the diminutive nailbeds to hang on for dear life. (Pleeease, hang on (!!!) because that is gonna hurt like a mugh when they crack off - especially that twirling pinkie. *shudder*)
Oh dear...

Luckily for me, I live in an apartment and not a glass-house.

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