Tuesday, March 9, 2010


O.P.I.'s web toy.

O.P.I.'s app for iPhone.

While we're on the O.P.I. trail, let's go this way!
Okay - so this is one of the FRESHEST things I've seen in a minute (I'm late, I know...).
Go to http://www.opi.com/ . Click on the 'TRY ON THIS COLOUR' button on the top banner.
Get onto this - you can choose your skin tone and nail length and then suck through about 42 mins of your lunch break sampling everything O.P.I.'s got for ya.
No, really.
This is GREAT.

BUT WAIT - what is this?! They've ALSO developed an app for iPhone using the same premise?? (!?!?)

O.P.I. is a monster -don't ef with 'em.
...but, you know... ef with them (of course).

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