Monday, March 1, 2010


NO IMAGE YET!!! (dammit!)

But! You can count on seeing it here as soon as there is one.

Chanel's latest varnish offering is called NOUVELLE VAGUE and is described as "an Andy Warhol-esque electrifying shade of blue" (due date - May 2010).

Get the full(ish) story here -

It will follow suit with JADE, being available globally only in extremely limited quantities.

Am already wondering if it's anything like O.P.I.'s BLUE MY MIND that I, and many of my Bronzdettes wore the stuffing out of a good 18 months ago??
O.P.I. has had a stellar track record so far of having already developed eerily similar colours, yards ahead of these last couple of (newly-iconic) Chanel varnishes.

Guess only time and patience will tell...


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