Friday, March 12, 2010


New French by Sophy Robson for Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 - Paris Fashion Week.

I really believed all my prayers had been answered when permanent french acrylic went off the radar years ago - but like all trends we were (SO!) fond to bid farewell once upon a time (boot-leg jeans, clogs, anyone??..) - it seems it's making it's way back.

I can (sort of) get with this - because a) it's not reminding me of females named 'Cinnamon' or 'Lucious'... b) length, shape and crazy smile line all lend to this and make it refreshed and therefore, interesting... AND c) it's virtually impossible for Natasha Poly and/or Sophy Robson to make anything look anything other than 100% official.

It gets a pass (until I get asked for it...)

Many other fascinating pics at

Image courtesy of Sophy Robson's twitter feed.

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