Thursday, September 22, 2011


I love the whole style brief about this S/S 11 Fendi campaign - the setting, the model, the makeup, shoes, accessories, glasses - but most of all the polish colour they used.

At first glance, I thought, Why would such a prolific fashion house go with the Chanel pale blue?

Upon closer inspection, I realised the colour was neither green, like the hysteria-inducing Chanel 'Jade' or blue, like the 2011 Chanel Cruise collection 'Riveria', but a beautiful aqua tone somewhere inbetween the two.

I had always shied away from the Jade maelstrom and despite loving how other people wore the pale blues, felt like I was a tiny bit old to pull it off convincingly.

Enter the pale aqua.

In a lovely timely fashion, I realised I had picked up this exact colour at the beginning of this Queensland winter - some sort of fresh, little cheersquad reminding me of what spring and summer holds in this part of the world.

The time has come!

Fendi campaign image via US Vogue

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