Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Late, but better late than never.... although, these incredible images are just in time to inspire for our Southern Hemisphere summer. Nails and tanning tag-team in the June 2011 U.S. Vogue, showcasing the snake-skin fashion forecast.

Lara Stone looks like she'd kick anyone ass who tried to tell you life is not way prettier with a tan. I love this woman. What a body.

You may remember a post a few months back about real snake skin sheaths (BioSculpture, above pic) being used on finger & toe nails, and I suggested the Minx Nails print version instead (a better look, more cost-effective and far,far less gross).

Here's some I prepared earlier.... (about 18 months earlier)

What ever your persuasion, there's a bit of snakeskin for everyone.

Images via US Vogue

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