Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So, there are many wrong trends in the world at any one time - especially in the delightful world of beauty accessories (specifically nails and tanning) but, if you are particularly amazing you can turn any of these styling faux pas into something truely dope.

Witness the snap-on gold fingernail.

Whoever this is, deserves a gold medal (to turn into a bracelet or neck plate or a fascinator... you get the idea....)

Ginormous shouts out to MAMMATUPPY for posting this magnificent image. She also deserves a gold medal, neck plate, fingernail - whatever she desires really - for being an outstanding person, wife, mother, friend, blogger - basically all-round amazing human being.
Congratulations on your latest creation, Mamma T! Bronz'd tanning+nails loves you very much.


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