Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm a few weeks late with this one, but I think it's interesting topic and definitely worth comment.

Kelly Osbourne is St Tropez's latest spokesperson and the campaign she is featured in has been causing all kinds of noise right around the globe.
I'd like to say firstly, in light of much societal contempt of the pervasive tandoori tan, that Kelly looks incredible beautiful and extremely tasteful in the tone of her spraytan in this pic (unlike the specialness about 4 posts down...) - having said that...

The words 'SELF ESTEEM' are probably not the most eloquent or perceptive choice, and it does make me uncomfortable when the message from the image computes in my mind. Probably because it seems as if St Tropez (i.e. tanning) would like to assume complete credit for Kelly's new found self-esteem fought hard and gained from diligence and consistency in her new health/life choices (which have little, if any, to do with spraytanning). She has obviously worked incredibly hard in changing her health habits and mentality to embrace an extremely commendable lifestyle. I think the people objecting to the wording in the image are making a reasonable and fair point - how irresponsible (and ludicrous) to allude to spraytanning being the be all of self esteem (if only it were that simple...)

....and yet, personally, I don't disagree with anything Kelly Osbourne has voiced about how spraytanning does makes a person feel.

Around here, we like to call it 'instant happiness' (with a wink and a smile (and a disclaimer...)). Some may think that is overstating the matter or trivializing happiness, but I counter that those people have never had a kick-ass spraytan and I defy them to admit, if they did, that they didn't feel 'browner' (ummm... isn't that the point?), 'slimmer' and 'healthier'.

It's a subversive experience and topic, this tanning malarkey. We here at Bronz'd have also had many many discussions on the very subject of how something as seemingly superficial and trivial as looking tanned can have such an intense and profound psychological effect on a person (no, I am not kidding, nor am I overstating this observation/experience).
Spraytanning cops sooo much crap - some of it justified (crappy product, dodgy technicians, clueless clients - toxic combos of all 3), some of it not.
Terrible judgement in the wording aside, it's really nice to see a spraytan product not being wailed on because of it's orange fluorescence.
Better luck with the total concept next time, guys...

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