Thursday, May 13, 2010


My name is 'Ally' and I'm a tanorexic.

Please.... just take a moment to fully peruse the complete 'concept' above.


Whilst out and about on official duty, I came across this material - supposedly to 'promote' this company and product - that is to say, to entice beauty professionals to buy their product and get us to convince our clients they ache to emulate the person's 'tone' in the image.

I have to admit I became momentarily stunned, speechless and mentally confused.

My cognitive abilities broke all the way down.

"Live the Lie".

NO SHIT. Girlfriend needs to be winding herself into some kind of serious delusion to be able to walk out of the house voluntarily looking this way.

My brain is still trying to comprehend this as something ANYONE would desire as a positive self image... And WHY a tanning company would set out to make spraytanning professionals' lives any harder in terms of credibility. WHY?!?

P.s. People in the real world DO look like this - and they are ridiculed and berated NONSTOP for doing so. MTV has made a tv show about it and the whole world has rejoiced in the sport of belittling the entire cast. (More on them shortly....)

If anyone can explain this marketing carcrash to me - get at me.

Yours truly,


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