Saturday, December 5, 2009


So I'm trolling through my overwhelming pile of alerts, due-ing the diligence (haw,haw,haw..) and I come across this question about spraytanning and, in particular how many exactly the enquirer feels she/he should (??) be having...(by when? starting when? to what end?) to which they offer the specific number of 4858439208 (not lying).

Now, let's do some math. That particular number, I believe is 4 billion, 858 million, 439 thousand, 2 hundred and 8. EVEN IF you lived to be 95 years old - you'd have to have one spraytan everyDAY from the minute you are born for approximately..... 140 lifetimes. yessir.

I'd like to pose a new question to - 'Should there be a standardized level of intelligence to access a computer and the internet? i.e. at least a couple of regularly oxygenated braincells?'.

(p.s. peace out to j. simpson - we all know she likes to ask special questions, although she can't take credit for that particular one....)

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