Monday, December 28, 2009


Here we go again! although...

These colours aren't as instantly recognizable as JADE and alot of brands have already been producing and pushing this putty colour for a minute, so PARTICULIERE ('particular') doesn't look so particularly (haw, haw, haw...) ground-breaking.

The pale salmon pink is called TRENDRESSE ('tenderness') and the nude to round out the trio is INATTENDU ('unexpected').

I wasn't really trying to get caught up in the JADE hype, but I'll give it to this new little offering - these are 3 really lovely, wearable colours.

If you up for shelling out the dough, get into them. Apparently, they are readily available for purchase on the CHANEL website and (I'm assuming) they may actually make to the cosmetic counters, in stark contrast to JADE that was only an extremely limited run due to it being a promo colour.

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