Friday, December 18, 2009


This is my pick for Zoya at the moment....and as a precursor, i'd like to advise that i've been off the sugar this week (savin up for Christmas blowout), which is making for an interesting theme.
Read on....

The orange is called 'lianne' and it looks just like Fanta. Can't get more aussie summer than that...

The acid yellow is called 'bekka' and it looks like lemon/lime Splice (mmmm, Splice...) aannnd I think it's my fav because it looks just sooo ah-mahzing on some good tanned skin.

The bronze? Well, it's called 'austine' and it looks like what fairy floss would look like if it was spun straight from brown's beautiful and something alittle different (...but, let's face it, still kinda safe...) - as summery as 'lianne' and just as dope near a tan as 'bekka'.
Get some - while i tuck into some dry Ryvitas....

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  1. Yum Yum, Ryvitas...why dont you mix it up and go a bit wild with some vita wheats???