Friday, December 18, 2009

EH?? was really only a matter of time before someone tried to piggyback off the concept of the startlingly popular - but i did not see this one coming.

James Read (or Reid, depending on who's reporting it), UK 'celebrity' tan technician, has apparently just launched a website, called thetanalist, where he pictorially cronicles random people on the street, based on their......tans.

In the UK.
Where they have 4 days of sunshine annually (ripe land for spraytans in one sense, I realise - but not for skin-baring. A contradiction perhaps, I also realise - but I'm trying to grasp this concept by looking at one of the publicity shots for the website, and all you can see on the faux polaroid is the girl's face, because SHE'S COVERED FROM NECK TO ASSUMED TOE in fall/winter garb).


Ummmm.... okay.

I'm from Queenzland, Oztrahlia, where, for close to 9 months of the year, swimwear is almost considered formal wear - and while I (TOTALLY) understand tanorexia, I'm still trying to get my head around paying lots of pounds for a spraytan, so i can just show my face....take a look for yourself. (accompanying music is special...)

Could be interesting to see how this goes down. Maybe...

Keep you updated.

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