Tuesday, June 8, 2010

D.I.Y.?? G.T.F.O!

There's a reason all y'all who didn't pay in blood, sweat and tears (wish I was kidding...) at beauty school (and then beyond, as a qualified professional (...but that's another story...)) lovingly open your purses to those of us that did.


Trust ME - if I could find someone that could do what I do (as well as I do it) - I would pay THEM!!

So, my U.S. ladies, stop bitching about how much Minx manicures cost, because guess what this lovely girl who trialed the new CHIC PRINTS product from Sephora for O.P.I. has discovered... minx-for-sephora-manicure-sucks  (...her words, not mine).

Show love to your local beauty professional. We know what we're doing because we worked hard to learn and perfect it and, on top of all that, we like doing it for you. 

ps... the very chic prints that were applied in that image above were DONE BY A PROFESSIONAL.

That is all.

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