Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 FOR 1

Spraytanning is one of the most ridiculed beauty treatments you could pay good money for. And rightly so.
There are thousands of tanning solutions available and almost all of them are rotten. (yes, they are). Tanning customers walk a minefield of stank and impending Tandoor-spice appearance in the name of temporarily abolishing epidermal fluorescence.

Taking all of this into account, should you be one of these aficionados (...addict is such a strong word...) it is imperative to have a sense of humour about yourself, and the fact that you voluntarily choose to undertake (mostly on a weekly basis) such a clearly absurd (but necessary) exercise.

So hoorah to Fake Bake, who have finally taken a cleverer advertising/promo path with their product (which is supreme, btw...), than the usual languid-skank-in-a-bikini route.  

This is something I would hang with pride and a smirk in my salon, and it is SO much more representative of their superior product than this mess they've gone with in the past.

Well done.

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