Friday, June 4, 2010


Scented nail polishes (beyond acetone, even...).

Wow, go Revlon.

Taking this whole gimmicky nail polish thing to a whole new level (2nd year running, apparently), not to mention encouraging, even advocating huffing toxic chemicals... (ummmm)

But hey - gettin' dough by any means, I guess.

I gotta admit, I think I need to look into this. I'm assuming each varnish gives off the accompanying scent ONCE the polish has dried.
Even though I scorn gimmicks, I do think I have to see if this lives up to the hype, because some of the scents include 'peach smoothie', 'gum drop' and 'cotton candy'.

Yeah, I need at least one bottle of this.
(...and in a dream world, the quality of the actual polishes would be worth the dollars too).

Read the full (actually funny) article over here :)

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