Tuesday, June 29, 2010


....I thought I might use a flattering image of Lundz today, seeing as the poor mongrel still can't seem to catch a break these days...

Lundzay's been setting off her SCRAM bracelet (that monitors her body's alcohol intake) with her Sevin Nyne spraytans.

Seems while I was the only one who thought deliberately promoting Chardonnay extract (for pete's sake...) in a tanning product that Lindsay Lohan was the face of was the most mentally retarded concept at the time, it's now coming back to haunt our mate and her camp in ways none of them could have anticipated.

When I first read the press release for this product, I truly thought it was a practical joke - for ANY of the following completely obvious reasons.

Number one - Alcohol is used as an astringent in beauty products. I.E. to REMOVE moisture from the skin, NOT restore it. (seriously?? ..I'm speechless right now...)

Number two - In the 10 years, I've been spraytanning (and studying solution ingredients), I've never heard of Chardonnay extract being employed in any solution for ANY function, LEAST of all for it's 'hydrating properties' (please, refer to point number one).

Number THREE - Lindsay Lohan is the face of this product and SHE'S A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC.

Do her business partners like her at all?

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