Thursday, June 24, 2010


Have been waiting for WEEKS to hear word on the name of the milky-blue that has been seen EVERYWHERE associated with Chanel, so this was not quite what I was expecting....

Please meet 'Paradoxal'.

And, if that is the same colour on the model in the top pic, the paradox magically changes from shimmery deep grape to dark creme-y grey! (don't quote me...)


Paradoxically (boom, boom) - I (ACTUALLY!) like the look of it in the bottle.
(I know, don't faint... with all the trash I normally talk with these big unveilings....)  

Back to the pretty blue... my delayed-reaction curiousity got the better of me and I had an absolute BRAINWAVE to get over to Chanel (...i seriously need an intellect transplant somedays...) and perused the varnish colour collection on offer and I'm gonna take a stab at 'Azure' being the magic potion.

What's the consensus? 

I say, HOORAH! 2 Chanel colours I can (finally) get with.

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