Wednesday, May 9, 2012


If you aren't confused enough, let's just reiterate once again the difference between AALLLLLL the various things you can stick onto your nail plate at any given moment...

These right here are nail polish strips (go slowly).

OPI release the 'Pure Lacquer Apps'.

Just like Sally Hansen's Real Polish Strips (which are fantastic and extremely easy to come by in Australia) these are not Minx, not nail polish, not hybrid gel-polish, not 3D nail art - they are actually nail polish that comes on a little sticky strip, for your (supposed) convenient application. 

To prove they actually are nail polish, you remove with nail polish remover - as opposed to a Minx-like nail foils that you peel off once you're done with it. 

Those courteous O.P.I. folk have done a creme collection and a shimmer collection, just as they would when formulating a collection of traditional polishes. 

I think my pick is top row 3rd from right, possibly also bottom row 3rd from right. 

Give 'em a burl (if you can find them). 

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